We need your help!

Hello rider fans. Montreal fans need your help. How do we get Marcel Bellefeuille fired before our season is ruined?! You people must have hated this guy. It is clear that he should be doing anything for a living, except football!!!
His offense is the worst system I have ever seen in football!

On a positive note, congratulations on your win against BC.

That's a tough question. For some reason Jim Popp seems very committed to Marcel Bellafeulle (like Danny Barret was). I'd say Al's fans should not blame Calvillo so much and blame Bellafeulle, that's the honest to got problem with the Al's offence. Notice how Cahoon's back is always to the defence when he makes a catch. That's Marcel Bellafeulle right there. I could go on and on. The best way to get rid of him is to open Jim Popp's eyes by showing how predictable he is. Run up the middle, five yard out, run up the middle. five yard hook. It's dead obvious. Complain about that and hopefully Popp opens his eyes faster than Danny Barret and Roy Shivers did.

Marcel Bellafeulle is the Nealon Greene of offensive coordinators!

He always has all the weapons, but just never makes anything happen! LOL!!

It's frankly astounding how similar (and similarly bad) the Montreal offence looks compared to that of the Riders when he was here. I'm a long way from an expert on the Als, but I can guess their offensive plays with about 80% consistency. I'd be better, but I get bored and start freelancing. I've long felt that Marcel's strategy is to bore a defence to death, and then score at will. Although even at that it would take him 12 plays....

The most notable features are an absolute unwillingness to go vertical in the passing game, and always passing to receivers who are standing still.

I'd love a comparison of Calvillo's yards per completion this year vs. prior years.

I do not envy you guys at all... MB's play calling is soo monotanous and predictable..

Find out where he hides the incriminating pictures of Popp and destroy them! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Since AC has been in Montreal, average yards per completion:

1998-2005 - average of 14.7 yards per completion, with all but one year higher than 14, none lower than 2006 or 2007 figures.

2006 - 11.7

2007 - 10.1

The Beullefeuille (sp?) era has taken a firm hold.

I am watching a tape of the Thursdays double header right now.

If you wanna get rid of MB, just keep waiting for a few seasons of and eventually he will leave.

Hey, when you get to the last 2 minutes of the SK game, see what you think of how the game clock is run.

Do explain I don't have the game taped?

See my Timekeeping thread in the CFL general forum.