We Need Wide Receivers!!!

Above and beyond all the excuses of injuries and the No return of Chris Williams the Tiger-Cats need to find good quality wide receivers and fast for Henry to throw to, Bakari Grant and Chevy Walker are the only guys with real experience out there, this other bunch we have cannot run routes properly?

I wondered what happened to Brian Bratton of the Al's last year he is a free agent currently http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Bratton

Could the Cats not pick up someone like Bratton with experience that would offset Grant, Giguere and Walker until we get Fantuz back and Jones?? I don't understand how the Tiger-Cats scouting can not fill key positions when players are injured and if the replacement player performs better than the injured player so be it, you make your decision at that time but at least you have quality players with experience to throw to and that alone would make Henry's job easier.

A few years ago the TI-cat brain trust salary dumped a guy named AB3 !$ he would have come in handy right about now! :thup:

Are Ti-Cat fans still saying "Williams Who?"

The Cats may be wise to take a serious look at Hamilton born native Austin Collie who is currently a FA and previously a favorite target of Peyton Manning until being sidelined by concussions which eventually led to his release from the Colts.

Before the injuries, Collie tallied an impressive 15 TD's and 1,325 yds in only his first 25 games as an NFL pro.

Having completed rehab, he is cleared to play and currently looking for work although carries the concussion stigma which seem to deter NFL clubs due to the recent class action lawsuits regarding CTE.

Being only 27, a home grown product, and the son of former TiCats receiver Scott Collie doesn't hurt and neither will offering a tryout with the team.

Fantuz will be back next game hopefully
Stalla should be back soon also
Bakari Grant has played well and I have been impressed with Ellingson
Giggy has made some plays too
Lamar was just BAD last game and I don't think they even tried a screen to Chevy to get him into the open field
IMHO our receivers are OK, it is a running Game we need to establish or Hank will be running for his life every down.

If Stalla comes back soon, I hope this year they remember to let him have the ball sometimes. He was one of Glenn's go-to guys, and he pulled off some great clutch plays because of it. There are few players on the current team who I see come up clutch... ever. Whatever his stats (usually quite good), Stalla seems to be able to get to the ball and to hold onto it when it is really needed.

I have never really like Fantuz that much, but before his injury, I'll admit I was really liking his play this season. With him and Stalla back, I don't think there'll be a lot of problems with the recievers.

It was good to see Giguere getting the ball a few times....but not good seeing what happens after he catches the ball.
Tommy Condell is also the receivers coach. I've only been to one practice this season but I wonder if he is able to give Giguere enough coaching.
Giguere seems unable to break loose and gain more yards after he gets the ball. He is in great shape....but he seems to lack the intensity needed to get those extra yards.
I would have thought his years in Indianapolis would have helped.

Don't blame this years receivers coach if a 1st round CFL pick and NFL practice roster trained player can't cut it in your opinion.

No we don't. Our recievers have been doing well, espcially vs Winnipeg and Toronto. Edmonton was a monsoon and isn't a fair gauge for recievers, and vs Sask they wee the only part of the offence that was producing, however in the later portions of the game, they were constantly covered because of a lack of run game to keep the defense honest.

What we need is a 5 yard, smack into the line, blocking RB. Cory Boyd is available, or a trade is another consideration.

yes we do need a powerback who can block, although Boyd is not very proficient at the latter which is why the Argos released him last season even though he led the league in rushing at the time.

that being said, Boyd would still be an upgrade for the muck yards that the Cats are lacking.

Iceman: I was blaming Giguere mainly......just asking about Condell's role. In any event I don't think Giguere has lived up to expectations and was wondering why.

No, but we know a troll when we see one.

I was thinking that once the season started and the team settled into its starting receiving lineup, Williams would suddenly show up, forcing the team's hand into cutting him. Well, that ain't happenin' now! I suspect that if Williams showed up today, Austin would hand him his uniform and a playbook, and tell him to ignore that demand for an apology. (I'm sure others will disagree with me on that.)

Unfortunately, no way Williams is coming back to that. He wants out, plain and simple.

It's pretty obvious to me that a large answer to the Tiger Cats woes is the return of Chris Williams. He may have signed a contract for $45,000, but he has proven through performance (not hype) that he is worth way more than that. Just look at his stats and what he did for the Cats. A joy to watch and worth the admission. He needs to be rewarded for his superlative efforts.

Give Williams what he deserves, an offer of $150,000 - $200,000 for the rest of the season and allow him to play out his option.

This will change the fortune of the Tiger Cats in 2013, as Arlen Bruce changed the fortunes of the BC Lions in 2011 on his signing after 5 dismal games at the start of the season (0-5). Otherwise, no hope for the Tiger Cats.

You gotta pay players what they are worth!!

Vancouver Island

They already offered him that salary in the only way they are legally allowed, with an extension, and he turned them down. They can't just have him play this year and pay him more; that would have to be a new contract, and the CFLPA rules state that any new contract must be a minimum of two years (one plus option year). Williams isn't about to sign a contract that would keep him out of the NFL another year.

So unless Williams has a change of heart and decides that his future is in the CFL, he's not coming back.

The Hamilton Tiger Cats are a very strange organization. They pay Casey Printers zillions based entirely on hype and speculation (did they not hear of his problems in BC), and who knows how many zillions to new HC Kent Austin of questionable ability (over-rated as some might say). We live in a funny era where the coaches and managers are now being paid way more than the athletes performing and competing on the field. Chris Williams is a proven performer and one of the very best players in the league.

The Tiger Cats management and ownership could have resolved the Chris Williams situation a long time ago. They need to find a way to pay the guy what he is worth (this should have been a long time ago).

In the meantime the Tiger Cats will crawl along with a 38 year old QB who no longer has the legs, mundane receivers at best, no running back, and a culture of continuing murky thinking and inadequacy. To be blunt, without Chris Williams the Cats have no chance - the rest of the talent on the team is pretty ordinary compared to him. It's too bad you no longer have Hal Patterson.

Vancouver Island

They tried to sign him to a very lucrative multi-year contract extension. CW (or his agent) didn't bite, then tried to break an existing contract, which failed under arbitration.

Are you REALLY a "Wise Observer"? If so, you should have known about this...

(Check the message immediately before his.)

The Cats already offered to make Williams the highest paid non-QB in the entire CFL.
He declined the offer.

[b]Wise Observer wrote: In the meantime the Tiger Cats will crawl along with a 38 year old QB who no longer has the legs[/b]
actually, Burris is on pace to rush for an impressive 554 yards this season. Not quite the QB "who no longer has the legs" as you state.

Receiving is tough when you have a QB who telegraphs his passes and usually cannot find a secondary receiver.