We need to Keep Robert Edwards as starting running back.....

Keep him we do not got a better running back than Edwards.....edited

I agree. I really like this guy. He is a great player, a great leader, and a great guy, he is very involved with community work.

Doesn't look like Edwards will be coming back. Jim Popp thinks Edwards is too slow. Your not going to get better productivity out of your Running Back if he has more speed, if he's only going to get the ball 10 times a game.

Edwards still averaged 4.8 yards/carry last year, which isn't that bad at all. Your typical CFL offensive unit is built around the pass, therefore you need a RB who is strong, smart and can block.

To me, Edwards is the only available RB out there who is right for the job. Also, he's the guy I'd take on my team anyday.

dev47, what is your fascination with R.Edwards 10 post exclusively on him ? No need to answer, I already read all you had to say about him.

Yes, he did great for us (except for thos costly fumbles at GC & during the season), but you are not the GM/HC of this team, therefore you have to live with the decision of the team like the rest of us.

xgamer i only post 4 open your eyes check!!!!! Learn how to count!!!

I like the guy, he's got to be able to stick with some other team and make Popp look a little hasty.

I dunno I really dont like the direction the team is taking at all this offseason. they have yet to make one decision that I really like and feel good about going into next year. First the HC job, then the OC job, then trading karikari and now tyring ot bring in someone to compete with edwards as a different style back.

Do yo usee winnipeg bringing in someone to compete with roberts for the starting job? how about calgary looking for someone to compete with reynolds? Why should we bring in someone to compete with a guy that has been doing an excellent job since he landed here? Edwards can bounce it ot the outside if given the chance. How many times did you see the als run sweeps last year? hardly ever so Im not sure what popp is basing this idea on nut it aint from game tape

Chill out everyone, Edwards isn't going anywhere.

Popp did not say he was going to get a new back to REPLACE Edwards, rather another back to COMPLEMENT Edwards; someone with more speed and elusiveness (Edwards is a power runner, not a scatback along the lines of Charles Roberts).

Seems to me that what Popp is saying is much what many of us have been saying in another thread...go to a 2 back backfield, teaming our power runner Edwards with a quicker more elusive runner (and no, Cobourne's not the one from what I've seen...go get someone new).

Edwards was the Als best offensive player last year-a year in which it was shown that the Als cannot live by the pass alone.Watkins has the speed to get outside-the end around play was little used but was effective. To bad they released Smart as he and Dickinson killed the Als in the GC with their running. Keep Edwards but compliment him by using the end around and get some more speed in the offensive backfield through recruitment. In addition have the QB make some planned running plays. If Calvillo would learn from Dickinson's success and instead of waiting longer and longer for a receiver to get open run himself occasionally this could be effective in yards gained and also prevent the opposing defense from keying on our offensive stars. Hopefully the new offensive coach will call the plays himself otherwise we will again have a predictable and scripted offense in 07.

I think Lapointe and Edwards is a dangerous backfield. I don't think they need to get anyone. Although Lapointe is getting older and is fragile, I think he's one of the better Running Backs in the league.

I also like what I saw from Diedrick. I think we need to improve Defensively more than anything.

Why isn't he signed yet?

I don't think the defense needs a major upgrade, just perhaps some personnel tinkering here and there. After all, our defence did not lose the Grey Cup; we held the juggernaut that is the BC offence to only one touchdown, and you can't do much better than that. I think the major improvement has to come with the offence. We need upgrades on the O-line, in the receiving corps, and a better performance from AC.

Are Ezra Landry's knee's pooched or is he just taking longer to heal than normal?

The fact that the Als traded for Stokes pretty much means that the writing is on the wall for Landry. As far as Edwards goes, he is a great back but they need someone to complement his style. A more elusive back that relies more on quickness and who can break long runs from time to time.

The Alouette Offence is built around the pass. They need a big, strong back who can block. Edwards has done a terrific job. He can carry the Offence on his back, and he's proven it before. He just needs more than 15 carries a game. Like most Football teams, you need to establish a running game. It's hard to get into a rhythm when you only get the ball 3 or 4 times a quarter.

Also, the Alouettes have a good set of Running Backs. Diedrick is a quick back, different style then Edwards. Lapointe plays a physical and finesse style of game. Cobourne looked well in Pre-Season, and he does have all the potential in the world.

I think we are set at the Quarterback and Running Back position. In my opinion, we need 1 deep threat (Thelwell) and a younger offensive line with experience. We have a great line, but their only getting older and slower. How long has this bunch been together now?

Just my thoughts.