we need to dress an extra import db

cmon ticats ..almsot everygame a db has went down and then they habe brought in manning and the other team has exploited him and taken over the game
this guy sucks and we need to dress an extrt import db
am i the only one who sees this ? it happened when thompson went down and when bradley went down against edmonton and sask got that big long catch with thompson down and manning in

i have to say manning played a mjor role in our losses tro edm , sask and now wpg and i think on eof the other games montreal or calgary ..he is slow clumsey and they can throw to him all day .does nayone remember when edm passed to kamu patterson like 5 plays in a row ..yu u guessed it manning

please it is so frustrating

I agree. But we’re having enough trouble with the ratio as it is.
We need another Canadian D-lineman (hello Bekasiak?) instead of using a D.I. as a backup there.

couldnt agree more, they were going after him all day, and they were winning.

my other worry is when glasper goes down in comes beveridge and out goes our deep coverage.

We need to dress someone with talent. You can can save money and give Manning and Oneil Wilson the taxi ride out of here.