We need to do something about this Offence

We are not going anywhere with this offence adn play selection is the concern

Most passes are to a guy standing still that is covered and usually for less than 5 years .
We have Presche and Arland now and don’t use them . What about jump balls to presche ?

More deeper passes are needed and passes to players on the run not when they area standing still
I am not sure porter is the guy . He justs seems to not to be able to make the next step .

The defence was not as good today and the pass rush and containment was weak and jamal johnson and floyd were non existant. Hickman is making alot of mistakes in containment now too

i got the impression that this team was thinking about the week off .

i hope OBIE makes it clear to everyone that is expectations are higher than this and won’t hesitate to
make changes .

The talent is there on our offense. IMHO it's the play calling that is killing us.

We have run the same offense for the past 5 years. It's working better this year because we have better talent all around to execute.

Our screen passes the last 2 weeks have been snuffed out. We run a vanilla offense, hope to get a first down, if not, punt and let the defense hold them.

You have to keep trying the running game. If it doesn't at first, DON'T ABANDON IT!!! Keep trying and eventually they will break through.

I agree we give up on the running game too early .
I also don't understand why they amek it see so difficult to throw a 10 yard pass . Seems 3 or 4 yard pass and the guy gets decked .

I agree. We need to complete passes to guys who are already running instead of standing still with two defenders closing in on them. I don't think these coaches know how to use our very capable receivers.

While our offense has had some success this year, I am also not really happy about its pretty vanilla look. I particularly am not a fan of the way we continually run a single back set out of the shotgun, and only run off tackle. Could it be any easier to defend against. We couldn't move the ball against the wind because the QB couldn't pass. This is when it helps to be able to have a creative running game that can get some yards on first down and give you a chance of gaining some yards and eathing some clock into the wind.

It's still early, and hopefully they will work some more things into the offense as time goes on. Can't we at least put more than one back in the backfield and run some plays from under centre? Watching the riders today, I saw them run a number of different plays from the same formation, and they used a number of different looks. We have the speed, we just need to find the ways to exploit it.


Both our QB's had an off day. Most passes to receivers satanding still were the 3'rd or 4th read. Our guys gotta get open, and they ain't. Let's not forget the 3 or 4 dropped passes by Davis, and the 5 deflected balls by the SSK D-line. Add to that the wet, windy conditions, a hostile environment, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Don't forget, we were playing a top-tier, MATURE football team.

To me, Glenn looks like he lacks arm strength. Most balls he threw had a wabble to it.
The TD he threw to Arland had no air under it.
It could have been the conditions that led to this.
As an experienced back-up I like him.
As a starter for this young team....NO!

If you don't make a total commitment to whatever you're doing, then you start looking to bail out the first time the boat starts leaking. It's tough enough getting that boat to shore with everybody rowing, let alone when a guy stands up and starts putting his jacket on. Football players win football games. The coaches have a game plan and the sooner you abandon your game plan then that hole week of prep for nothing . I think Hamilton was not prepared for what came out of the tunnel in the first half ..
But on that note talk about team chemistry and showing how much heart the players have we proved were never down and out they fought till the end and ran out of time we only played half a game in my eyes so imagine the first half as good as the second we have a good game with a win ......
If you don't make a total commitment to whatever you're doing, then you start looking to bail out the first time the boat starts leaking.

sorry about the yellow folks wrong color choice for this form ...
We have good points accumulated allready in the total standings so maybe that vanilla look were referring
to may be just enugh of what we need to get by befor the second half of the season playbook gets opened take a good look at the east we still have ample opportunity to have a great football season .
Heads up chins out and start prep for next battle .