we NEED to beat Montreal Friday

Ok..heres the thing

We beat every team in the CFL now except Montreal and Saskatchewan. Both these teams we play at home still. Our record at home is 5-1. We played Montreal IN MOntreal not too long ago and lost to them 21-8. We even had a touchdown that was called back in that game which would have made it 21-15. Now, I know Montreal is a good team, BUT they have lost to Edmonton and B.C..and we have beat those teams pretty good..I think also that Hamilton is a much better team since we last played Montreal. Our defence kept Calgary (the best scoring team in the CFL) to 17 points and 14 of those points was from turnovers from our offence. They only scored 3 points on our defence. If our defence can play that well against Calvillo and blitz on Calvillo at times like they did on Burris, I think we can beat them at home.

Not only that, the crowd played a big factor with the win against Calgary. It looked like they were having a hard time calling plays. We need to make lots of noise against Montreal. We have to beat them on Friday. We need to prove to ourselves that we can beat them. We might be facing them in the finals this year and we need to get over that hump before the playoffs happen.

As for Saskatchewan, they beat us on there turf 33-23 not too long ago also. We need to beat them in a few weeks because they could be in a crossover in the playoffs and facing us in the semi finals. There record has to be better then Toronto and Winnipeg. Right now, B.C would be in the crossover but with the whole western division all within a game of each other in the standings, anything can happen.

I think beating every team in the CFL before the playoffs would give us that edge. It raises our confidence on this team that no other team is that far better then us. It tells us we can beat them all.

So get out there fans and support the tiger cats this Friday against Montreal. This is one of the hardest tests we will be facing and possibly in the eastern final in Montreal. LETS MAKE SOME NOISE FRIDAY!!




Agreed, let's support our team, pack the house for the Montreal game on Friday and put the Hammer down on AC and the Al's, let's beat the Al's and continue to win through the remaining regular season games.


"Cybercat", maybe the "casual" fans will come out for this one and keep the diehards company. :wink:

Problem is, some casual fans will only attend if they’re given free tickets. Maybe if they get a pair of freebies, they might even bring their “girlfriend” to the game.