We need Ritchie...

[b]Realistically, Jim Daley isn't doing what he should be doing as a coach. You can't build a team when you are continously changing the roster. The guys, will never come together and do what they need to do. You need to form a team chemistry but without the people popping in and out, day in and day out. You'll never get anything accomplished that way.

I think, they would have been smart to stick with Ritchie last season and into this. Hell, we are just as bad this season if not worse. Are they going to end up canning, Daley too? Lets assume, thats the way the pattern is going.

As for, the QB question - Mr. Jones is past his prime. He was, what he was in 2001 and ever since then it seems like that position for him, has been a struggle. Teams are looking for young, fresh talent to add to the team. There are a few lucky ones around the league, who are throwin well (Allen, Calvillo ) but guys like them, who can play consistant game in and game out, season after season are unique.

Anywho... long story short, something has to be done to fix this team. Weither it's another coaching change or what not, it's something that we have to fix. Winnipegger's are waitin.... [/b]

Maybe a new GM too, after see'ing that interview on CFL SNAP, i don't think he is the right guy for the job.

Bottom line is. Jim Dailey is to nice of a guy to be a head coach. We need more of a hard ass who can whip this team into shape and get some production out of these guys. I'm not saying we're going to win the Grey Cup but we should stay competitive enough to stay around the 500 mark.

nice guys can't be head coach?? is that why pinball and the argos did so poorly last year?

nice guys can be head coach but they need the proper people around them.

Richie did a lot of good things while here in the peg but he liked his vets. Even if a rookie came in to challnge, the vets were a little to comfy and knew that the rookie would have to be amzing to bump them. Taman has had magic when finding players in hte past but it seems as the GM, he has lost his touch.

i agree that taman as a scout is good but as a gm not so much

............what your team needs to do is have a players only meeting........talk about honour, pride and committment........and then go out this week and beat the Eskimos soundly who will be assuming your BBs are pushovers........

..........as much as the EEs are good, they do have faults..........they have virtually no running game to speak of right now.........if your front line D can penetrate a questionable EE O line and make Ray scramble there is hope.....

..........anyway, I picked edmonton only because logic dictates, but 4/5's of the CFL West outta be pulling for the Bombers........

Ritchie should have stayed, he was fired because his personality conflicted with Taman's. Daley and Taman are two peas in a pod. Taman has to go, remember how much ime Ritchie spent recruiting in the offseason?...he brought in alot of talent too. Taman on his own just doesn't cut it.

I don't think Taman should go, & I don't think Daley should go either. I'm not a fan of either, however the stability of the team is paramount right now.

These guys need a bit of space to get their sh$t together. Things won't happen overnight, but they will get better with time.

True AC but in the world of rposports it's "what have you done for me lately?"
We'll see Friday night if the changes at O-line will start to show some progress. Fans of any team hate to loss but at least if they looked "entertaining" we would probably get off theirs backs. Being WOWed by Ryan's leg is only entertaining for so long...

speaking of which, how long do we have ryan signed for. i have a bad feeling he will be kicking somewhere else next season.

Honestly, if we have a chance at securing Ryan to a multi-year deal, we should do so now. He hasn't just been good this season, he's been good since he showed up period.

SectionT - I'm not the most patient guy in the world, I'd like nothing more than to see the Bombers have some immediate results - I just think there have been too many changes over the past couple years (both players & management / coaches). I think we need to get a couple more games under our belt with a given group of starters before we start another airlift.

Tomorrow's game will be a turning point for Mr. Martin though. He either shows up or it's see ya later, hello Mr. Glenn (#1) & Mr. Michna (#2).

In the Free Press yesterday, they said that the Vikings are said to be "very interested " . Sad is it may be, I don't see Jon Ryan in a BB uniform or any CFL unifom for long. There was already NFL interest last year..


I guess then we'd better enjoy him while he's here.

Yup, Our number one offensive weapon :lol: :lol:

rumors and only rumors so far ... but a .big trade involving two western teams and an eastern club.is in the works....and it is said to include Westwood....details are too sketchy but look for some more big happenings with the BigBlue after the weekend games.....one part of the deal would include Clifford Ivory coming to the Peg.....I could handle that one but what do we give up ....hmmmmmmm....we'll see if it comes to pass or is someone just blowing smoke...... :roll:

ifwe could ensure that ryan is around for a while and he can learn to place kick. westwood could be good bait. i could also see use trading wynn or glenn to the likes of ham or to as backups. and if my dreams could come true maybe we could slip stokes in there for some gatorade.

Oh Ryan can place kick. Don't think he missed any in preseason....I'm sure Troy is thinking about that...

I don't see how anyone could think of Brendan Taman as a good judge of talent. He had one good year for recruiting in 2001. Since then he's added one proven guy,Tom Canada, on his own through recruitment. Everyone else has come through trade. Scouting is lame at best.
There's no way I can agree that Ritchie would have made a better coach than Daley. Ritchie kept around far too many guys based on their being Christian as opposed to talented.
It's going to take a while for this team to come together completely. The QBs need some time and the O-line will find it's way. Bombers will probably be dead last until mid season, then kick it up and pass Calgary for 4th.

where did you get that from??
yeah, what was he thinking holding on to that stegal guy. ritchies fault was holding on to veterans, their faith status had very little to do with it.