we need killer instinct

the past two games everthing starts well we lite it up then at the half we let teams back in. In my mind theres no doubt this kinda play is gonna catch up with us sooner rather then later then again i see this collapse as a result of our secondary which we knew would be a prob.

??? are you serious?

Were you watching the same game? I was at the game last night and I saw complete domination by the Ticats.
In the 3rd quarter I saw Calvillo throw some wrong balls and the Als receiver make some great catches. The Ticats then came back and sealed it.

my point is in the last two games we seem to be stronger in first half of game if we played the second half like we did the first half the score would have been 58 to 20 we barely made it to the end of the argos game on top and i think moments in second half last nite the game was not put away till late in the fourth

True enough, the team seems to let down a little in the 3rd. But they came back strong in the 4th.

I'm trying to follow the coach's rule. Enjoy the win for 24 hours.

thank u for seeing my point and ur right enjoy because next week i think will be a real test sask looks like there for real

Hi Ticatbill:

Maybe the letdown in the 3rd is due to the team adjusting to their adjustments or maybe the adjustments aren't working...not sure....oh..oh..I'm breaking the rule....

What i thought was the offensive calls in the 3rd quarter were not as aggressive as the first half it was like were up by 3 scores lets run the clock out. playing like that always lets the other team a chance to get back in the game

I agree with mustang. When the TiCats were up by 22 at the half, they went into a less aggressive offensive and defensive schemes (in particular lots of run plays on 1st down). The idea being, use up lots of clock, and don't take any chances that can result in big plays for Montreal or turnovers. I didn't like that Montreal appeared to be slowly gaining momentum, and one touchdown that was scored in two plays, but when they got to within 8 points, the offensive went back to work again, scored another touchdown, and the defense closed things out.

I will agree that I didn't really like the way the team played in the 3rd quarter, but I can understand why they played the way they did. The only concern I have were some of the deep completions that were made. These are not supposed to happen when you play prevent defense, just give up the short passes. I will give credit to the Als for making those plays. Hopefully the defense will continue to get better on those plays, but as it turns out, Montreal never scored enough to recover from the 22 point deficit at half time.


Grant was injured early, replaced by Jones. Then in the third quarter, Williams sat out, probably to rest him for the fourth. So that would have reduced the offensive playbook a bit. Once Williams was back in, the playbook opened up again, and the team started dominating again.

One of the TSN panelists said later that if it had not been for Hamilton’s aggressive offensive play calling in the second half, Montreal would have caught up and won the game.