we need I-Phone and ITouch App

I am Suggesting That MRX make an App to Follow your Favort CFL on your Iphone or Ipod Touch

Here what The app Should

Do be able to do :
(0) Select a Team to Follow : this allow the app to connect one CFL Team or All or a few.
(1) Score Board : When your away from Canada it hard to get CFL Scores
(2) Team Videos : Allow you see newest Team Videos
(3) Connect to Foums
(4) See Transactions
(5) Link to Local Radio that Covers Games for the Team via the Net.

Yes you can just surf to Here via Moble Browser but it not as nice looking and have to scroll alot.

Mrx could Charge a Fee in the I-Tunes Store or Put ads on it to make it free.

That's actually a really neat idea.

As long as the videos aren't in Flash, my understanding is the IPhone, IPod and the new IPad don't support Flash which is just weird albeit I don't understand all the reasons why Apple can't get Flash on their products. :?

You are right. As a matter of fact; I was looking for free Apps. last night on my Ipod and found that Saskatchewan Roughriders were the only CFL team to have one.

re Flash

Flash is the bane of many web site designers and even users.

It was originally intended as a means to quickly download images using vectors vs the big butt file sizes of bitmapped (tiff, jpeg, gif, etc).

Showing simple processes or animations turned into superfluous eye candy and bandwidth hogging (not much of an issue now with broadband) Steven Speilberg productions. It can also be a security risk.

HTML5 is supposed to replace some/many of the functionality of Flash without some/many of the drawbacks.

HTML5 is still in it's infancy but there are some browsers (Safari, Opera, Chrome, and soon Firefox) that support it. Thus Apple feels it doesn't need to support it.

The Saskatchewan app isn't bad. One would figure with MRX's background they could crank one out pretty quickly if they want one. I find the Score's app is pretty good for CFL stuff already though.

Youtube Videos are Flash so it dose

This is a good article here:

[i]I was at Apple's iPad launch on Wednesday, and maybe it was just Steve Jobs' reality distortion field, but I don't quite understand why the haters are piling on. A lot of PC-centric commentators are dismissing the iPad as an overpriced gadget, wondering why it's lacking features that are standard on even the cheapest notebook computers, like Flash support, multitasking, USB inputs to connect peripherals, and video outputs (HDMI would be nice). These are legitimate complaints--for a notebook replacement. But the iPad isn't a notebook replacement, and I don't think users will carry it with them on business trips. (Apple's iWork demo confused matters, admittedly.)

Instead, I agree with CNET's Ina Fried and Business Insider's Henry Blodget: this is a consumer electronics device for puttering around the house and leisure time--reading books and Web sites on the couch, showing pictures off to friends, catching up on the latest Web videos. And, yes, listening to music


Apple intentionally leaves out Flash support because they do not control Flash. A big part of Apple's business is partnering with music and now publishing companies to distribute content hampered by Digital Rights Management, a technology which prevents you from having full control of the content you buy. Apple excludes Flash deliberately because Flash support would undermine their attempts to lock up all entertainment content delivered to the device.

Well there is also the fact that flash is horrible technology to begin with. It's extremely inefficient.

[i]"we" need[/i]
"I" need my cell phone to ring on incoming calls and to dial out on outgoing calls

......my needs are rather simple...... :lol:

I don't use a Cell Phone COST to Much ..

I use an Ipod Touch and Voip as Long as Have a Wifi connection I can call anywhere in North American for fee

uh ...quick time belongs to apple ... therefor all videos in apple products usually uses quick time

Thanks guys for this info, I'm no tech wizard, all I know is that certain stuff on the web is in Flash.

Flash is like the Windows of the web graphics and video world. Windows dominates the computer operating system world not because it's the best OS but because microsoft has a death grip on the industry. Same idea with flash. You would think when a huge company like adobe acquired macromedia that they would have used those extra resources to improve flash. Wrong!

When there is no real competition there is no motivation to improve product flaws. When it comes to video especially flash is like an old gas guzzling car with a bumpy ride. It uses far too much CPU juice for the quality it gives you.

End rant..

Why does Flash work on my IMac but not, apparently, on an Ipod, IPhone or the new IPad?

Because flash works on mac computers but not ipods etc. The main reason Apple doesn't use flash on their non-mac devices is that is an energy hog. As I said flash is very inefficient and any device smaller than a laptop doesn't have enough juice to get good battery life.

For example.. an ipod touch under normal use will last 8-10 hours on a charge. If it supported flash and you used a lot of it that battery life might go as low as 2-3 hours. Huge difference.

Thanks zen for the explanation.

Thanks for the suggestion guys - keep the ideas for features flowing…