We Need experienced Dlinemen that can rush

We Need experienced Dlinemen that can rush the passer and not over contain and not get tricked .

If Peach is not coming soon we need to look at :

Stevie Baggs and Anwar Stewart are a good start .

The "start" is not Baggs, not Stewart, but #99 Kevin Basped, signed July 10th. Here's the final word on his only NFL experience:

Basped was projected to be taken in the 5th-7th round in the 2010 NFL Draft. He went undrafted and signed with the New York Jets on April 27.[6] He was waived on August 8. In the HBO reality show Hard Knocks, the Jets coaches explain to Kevin that his oft-injured knees were too much of a concern to take him on.

8) Just what the Cats need, another DE with a history of injury problems, mainly bad knees, with regards to Basped. :roll:
  Obviously Greg Peach's injury is not a minor thing either, since he has been out of action since training camp !!

Well, maybe there is still hope.

In todays' world, they have done magic in knee re-construction. This could never have happened 30 years ago.
When Bobby Orr had to retire, it was bad knees. No amount of surgery could fix it.

Today, they put in plastic parts. Almost like Tommy John surgery in Baseball.
Depending on how they fixed him, he may still be an asset.

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I'd rather we focus on fixing our run defence before the pass defence. We dont need guys to get sacks every play, we just need our dline to get in the other qbs face all game, sacks are like the cherry on top. Our run defence is atrocious and Id rather see some dlinemen who can plug some gaps and help our linebackers out a little in the run game.