we need D linemen..not more receivers

we need d line men more than we need receivers...dropsies can be dealt with by different play formations...but running the ball downthe gut play after play and a pass rush that "almost but never quite" gets to the receiver...can't

any observations from my learned peers on the panel? :cowboy:

im also wondering if otis has lost a step or two....

8) Well obviously this D Line misses McIntrye and Adams out there.
  Considering that the D Line and pass rush was at the top of Obies shopping list this season, things 

   actually looked better at the beginning of the season, in that respect, than they do right now.

   It seems that all facets of this team are either stalled, or actually regressing at this point in time.  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

We have DL, we need more star receivers.

Our DL:
Garrett McIntyre DE
Darell Adams DT
Demonte Bolden DT
Montez Murphy DT
Matt Kirk DT
Jermaine Reid DT
Justin Hickman DE
Khari Long DE
Marquise Gunn DE

All those to fill 4 slots, sometimes 3.
Whereas we need 3-6 receivers, 1-2 for KR's/PR's, and so far we are limited to 2 stars (Bruce/Rodriguez who just makes it IMO) and 1 rising star (Marquay McDaniel). That's not good enough. Our defence is outstanding and our O sucks. How you can say we need to focus more on the D then the O i'll never know.

i guess you havent been watching our D against the run...come to think of it...
have you seen our d stats in the league?

great defense? maybe a few games back,,,, but not anymore...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

two weeks ago
we are either 2nd or 3rd worst in the league in a number of telling categories...including average yards against per run..

i d hate to think what our stats will be after the Montreal game...but you go one and tell me about our receiving woes... i think we have general consensus notwithstanding yr ill tempered remarks that the d line was a problem for a few years...it was temporarily resolved with the improved play of adams and addition of mcintyre...but unless these horses are once more healthy...they arent going to pull any wagons :cowboy:

Okay? Our defence has been really good, we give up yards but not usually too many points due to our bend but dont break defence. And are you really saying that our offence has outperformed the defence so let's focus on signing defensive players? Allow me to remind you that we give up the second most sacks in the league and are probably the slowest starting team in the league. Our D usually holds us into the game but ends up cracking in the 4th quarter because the O produces 2 and out after 2 and out after 2 and out. This kind of ineptness cannot be tolerated, there is no way our D should be on the field as long as it has been for most of the season.

i will acceed to some of your points because I'm "inclusive" but I dont think you can call the defense "good"

good against BC perhaps --when the Leos were inept and the 1st Peg game... when Mikey couldnt figure out how to play in the sandbox with his own personnel

but an outstanding smashmouth defense ???? not really... this isnt smokey stover country yet m'boy

as far as the O... put in Glenn, move Cobb out for a game and put in Caulley and BENCH Baumann and we might be talking.

It was a bad game overall and i think the D line is a strength not a weakness !!!!

the way we are playing...if that is our strength we ARE in bad shape..... :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Team stats after 13 games.

Points allowed per game:
MTL 15.7
CAL 23.4
HAM 23.8
WPG 26.4
SSK 26.6
BC 26.8
TOR 26.9
EDM 30.7

Yards allowed per game:
MTL 275.3
TOR 322.7
SSK 334.2
CAL 349.3
BC 356.0
WPG 362.5
HAM 365.0
EDM 378.4

Points scored per game:
MTL 31.7
SSK 30.8
CAL 29.7
EDM 27.6
BC 26
HAM 22.6
TOR 20.3
WPG 19.7

Most yards gained per game:
MTL 399.8
CAL 380.8
EDM 368.9
BC 354.6
SSK 337.4
HAM 332.4
WPG 287.1
TOR 286.4

ah ...but you haven't included the 14th game-- that LAST ONE...

and that "Alas poor Yorik, is the source of all our displeasure!" :roll:

Another name to add to 15_championships DLine list is Josh Gaines, 6'1" 274 Penn State 24 years old. He was a late cut of the Eagles who have a very solid defence. He is a defensive end with CFL tackle size. I like our defence but we do need more push up the middle. Maybe Gaines could be a smaller version of Casey Hampton from the other beloved Black and Gold team in a steel city. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old Steeler guy in section 7)

I have to question why McIntyre and Adams did not play last game? Both players offer more pass rush than
Long and Boldon. Do you think we will see either of these guys and perhaps Gunn or Gaines?

According to Obie, the only player of the 5 we signed expected to play this year is Shawn Bayes on ST.

I would be curious to find out how you came to that conclusion....

The Cats are close to the bottom in most run defense stats and QB sacks. Thesae are the usually stats that one would look at when evaluating a D line.

Maybe Im missing something here.