We need another Joe Montford

Up to me for what? LOL

In a discussion of best Ticat defensive end ever (and this shows my age bias), my choice would have to be Grover because I believe he was more consistent as an impact defensive player over time than Joe. I think he was better against the run than Joe. However, Montford's raw speed off the edge caused persistent matchup issues and was the perfect complement to Sudsy's system.

It's like comparing a Porsche to a Ferrari and trying to cry if you don't get the the one you want...we were fortunate to have both of these legends in tow.

For my money though, the greatest defensive lineman the Cats have ever had was John Barrow. The man could do anything on both sides of the line (he was also a stellar OL for years) and terrorized opposing backfields as a perennial all-Canadian. The consummate interior-pressure lineman who was a huge component to the Ticat dynasty of the late 50s - sixties.

Honourable mention would have to go to Pete Neumann and Billy Ray Lockin. Two great defensive ends who don't get the recognition sometimes in these discussions.

As Barrow clicked in tandem with Angelo Mosca, we can't separate the impact of the Covington pairing with Mike Walker or Montford's excellence with Tim Cheatwood. Joe Montford raised his game with Tim's help and will be a tremendous addition to the Hall of Fame in due course.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree fully.

John Barrow was probably the best lineman ever in the CFL. He had 16 all-star selections in 14 years (won a few on offence too).

I agree with you as well about the importance of those pairings... Barrow-Mosca, Covington-Walker, Montford-Cheatwood. All terrific, and all better as a tandem than separately.

To me, Covington was the best ever DE, Barrow the best ever DT. Covington is the CFL's all-time sack leader, but Barrow gets the nod for length of service at all-star level, for two-way play, and for Grey Cup appearances (9) and wins (4).