We need another Joe Montford

There wasn't a better sight than seeing #53 laying the smack down on the opposing teams QB! We need another guy with the drive that Joe had. Remember when we had Montford and Cheatwood... man that was a mean Defence!

I'd rather have another Grover Covington, Rod Skillman, Mike Philbrick, and Mike Walker, but That's just my opinion... lol

Cameron Siskowic has potential. He hits hard and he's always fired up on defense, this guy could be the next spark plug on D that we need. I know he's one of the Cats I'm looking forward too this season.

Well your opinion certainly isn't wrong!

Montford is my favorite player of all-time though... so I'm biased!

There was just something about his play that I really loved.

Speaking of Players who with the team in Joe's Days .. Johnny Scott was Class Mate of mine at Coaching Clinc in Burlington this weekend We Both Recived our Level 1 NCCP
Our Teachers where Coaches From McMaster
what a great Staff ..
It nice see and talk to Johnny He doing well living here in Burlington

Speaking opinions - Don't forget Tim Coefield who was an absolute monster when he played for the Cats.
Would have been nice to see Coefield on one end and Montford on the other with Covington and Walker in the middle.

Tbh I'd rather have another grey cup. :cowboy:

In my own feeble mind, I think that Joe Montford was the best defensive end ever to play the Canadian game. All the others mentioned in this thread were great as well, but there was only ONE Joe Montford; not just because of his quickness and ability to flatten quarterbacks, but because of his enthusiasm on the field
which was very inspirational to his team mates and fans.

If we ever find his clone, we'll have a defense to be reckoned with. :thup:

Your mind is not feeble at all Spikejones. I liked Montford too, he was a great DE. But to me, Grover Covington was the best DE ever in the CFL. He was the all-time sack leader for a reason. When he lined up and smiled his wicked smile across the line at the O-lineman opposite, that guy knew Grover was already salivating at the thought of blowing past him and hammering the QB... again. Which he did... again, and again, and again.....

Another Joe would be great
But Grey Cups would be better!! :]


Another Montford would be a big step towards getting another Grey Cup. The problem is you won't find another Montford. We'll have to be satisfied with lesser mortals who can make solid contributions.

No. Siskowic is not Montford. Sorry.

Never forget Cofield, that guy was a monster! He also racked up some impressive stats. Covington was another monster. I saw the 86 grey cup and the guy was dominant.

we need another MOSCA.

There only 1 King Kong Mosca.. :rockin:

I can think of several former players that we "need another one of".

Joe is certainly one.

Earl (with credit to Sig, "praise be his name"), Garney, Rufus, Ozzie (although we're close with Nick).

My own list would go on for awhile.

We need another GROVER COVINGTON!!!

8) Billy Ray Locklin brings back some great memories also as a stalwart, and intimidating DE.
   That 1967 Defence was the best of all time for the Cats  !!!        <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->

All this talk of we need another insert name here is silly and also disrespectful to the player you're talking about. No one can be Joe Montford but Joe himself.

We need another good pass rusher and not some silly mental emulation of a past player.

zen, I think the idea is that we need them in their prime.

Zugar9's all-Tiger-Cat lineup comes to mind...

Oski-Oui-Oui - it's up to you now... lol