We Need An O-Line

An offensive unit that could neither run block nor pass protect was the difference in the B.C. game! From tackle to tackle the Rider offensive unit was woefully inadequate on Friday night. The Riders have serious work to do to get this unit up to speed in 2010. Smith's injury is serious and I'm very doubtful that he will be able to make it back next year. It's painfully clear that Bobby Harris was not the answer at backside tackle so that leaves Belton. In my opinion it's the most important position on the offensive line. Can Belton play there? I guess only time will tell. I also believe the Riders need a proven player at right guard. One could argue that Parenteau has not done a bad job but I would say that neither has he done a great job. I think his role on the team should be as a back-up. It seems clear that Jeremy O'Day is no longer the player he once was. Will Jonathan St. Pierre be able to step in and take the spot away from Jeremy, will Nick Hutcvins be able to win the spot at right guard? You need to have back-ups who are nearly as good as the starters. This brings us to Chris Best who did not step up and fill in at left guard the way the Riders needed him to. Certainlly not the way Mike McCullough stepped up and played the Mac linebacker position for example. Which is what you need to win over an eighteen game season. We can't use the excuse that he's young because he's been around a long time now. In truth I don't think Chris is adequate even aa a back-up because he never will step up and play like a starter. What's the point in having him on the roster? Let's hope the Riders draft heavily for the o-line in 2010!

Why the hate for Bobby Harris? He played well, I thought. Very well considering he played his last couple games virtually on one leg.

No Hate! IMO he didn't play the backside tackle position very well, even before he was injured. Obviously you are of a different opinion. I respect your opinion and I wish Bobby well!

Really? For the most part, I thought he was terrible....even given his rookie status. But at age 25 with arthritic knees, it may be a moot point.
Joel Bell wasn't good in the beginning either, but quickly surpassed Harris despite not having a full TC or the early games.
I think if either Smith or Johnson can come back (this year or next), the o-line will be solid. If they are both back, Smith slides into a guard spot quite easily.

Well, it's all relative, of course. And right now, I think Harris helps this crew. When Johnson and Smith are both back, both are better, no doubt. It will also be interesting to see if they've had any luck developing Rempel this year.