We need an Als moderator

To any admins who are reading this thread, it would really help everyone’s quality of life if our forum had an Als fan as a moderator, someone whose primary job was to monitor the posts here. Let me throw out some good candidates in case anyone’s reading:


That’s a good idea. But, it is time consuming and not easy to find someone who wants to do it.

I appreciate the endorsement d&p, but I can get a little too hot headed at times, so the other 3 gentlemen would be far better candidates.

But after yesterday your idea should certainly be considered. There are too many non-Alouette fans who come on here, not to talk Alouette football, but to engage with posters.

My vote would go todisciplineandpunish, who I’ve always felt has been pretty even keeled around here.

I’ve always appreciated the work mods do, as at times I’m sure it’s not only time consuming, but frustrating to have to mod adults, and spam bots for that matter.

Well please pick a mod who doe not decide who is a fan or not of the Als.

Far too often a poster is labelled a troll here because they hold a different view of the 3-4 guys.

And yet “fans” get the right to start fire X before they start or to be very prone to throwing out “non-facts” or lashing out with extreme vitriol.

It is and has been an upside down toxic place for awhile.

Appreciate the vote of confidence, RJ. I agree that being a moderator is a time-consuming and thankless job (used to be a mod over on the Habs board, so I know how it goes). I’d be willing to do it, but I also think the people I mentioned (MadJack, GHT120, Richard Veilleux) would also be good moderators.

And to sheldon’s point, yeah, I’m bringing this up because we seem to have an uptick in both spam bots and fans of other teams coming into our forum and flooding our threads with off-topic or inflammatory content.

Youve kind of made it it your lifes work to trap posters over previous comments or the tone of their comments which you might not happen to like. You seem far more into this kind of stuff than actually talking Alouette football. In other words, classic trolling.

And this from the guy who kept changing his handle, made up a brother story when caught, and kept lying that it wan`t true. Talk about character issues.

You really should stick to the main forum, but highly doubt you will.

See…there you go again. Proves my point.

I repeat: admins, we need an Als mod! ;D ;D

For some reason the mods and Admins dont give a damn about the Als section

I have sent PMs directly to them to complain about posts and to point out the crap disturbers…nothing every happens

x 3

If this is the case, why are you posting in this section then?

Because I’m a fan of the team just not a supporter all the time to the prevailing marching orders of some of the posters.
Why do you post?
I’m ever hopeful.

And because I want to. And I’m not going to allow some to say I shouldn’t because I’m swimming upstream.

Don’t really need a moderator with 12 fans, one troll who was banned for life twice and a couple transients who come and go following a buddy or a QB they fantasize about.

You are a troll who’s under a lifetime ban and even banned from commenting on herb’s column

And there you go again. Stating untruths as facts. Almost like “lying”.

Anyway be careful about what you hope for.

You keep proving my point.

You won’t need a moderator if you guys stop declaring who’s a fan and who is not.


If you claim to be a fan and have an issue with a couple of posters, why not put them on your ignore list, and stick to talking football instead of calling them out?

And if you have a problem with everyone here, why would you bother showing up when you can just as well talk Alouette football in the main forum?

I really hope that people understand that they are essentially promoting society’s “cancel culture” around here as of late. Nothing wrong with differing pov’s, as I think that’s the only way true discussion happens.

And there you GO AGAIN.
Telling a fan where they can and should post and trying to get under someone’s skin.

I’ll post where I want to. Thanks again though for your advice.

Nope. This has nothing to do with cancel culture. Differing points of view on football are just fine. That’s what a board is for. It would be boring if we all agreed all the time. The problem is when certain members start insulting other members (calling them names, ad hominem attacks, and so on). That’s when we need a mod to step in. That’s also standard by the way on most civilized message boards online. Stick to the topic, don’t flame other members. Unfortunately, certain people here have shown themselves to be fundamentally incapable of interacting with others in a civil manner.