We need Adams and Floyd back for Edmonton

A huge boost for the D against the Eskimos would be to have Adams and Floyd back. The D-line has not been the same since Adams went down. McIntyre, Bolden and Hickman have been playing great but with Adams in they were all that much better. Adams can put pressure the on the qb and he’s great against the run. If he can’t go maybe Landry will be ready. :cowboy:

Floyd might play but I think Adams is out at least another 4 weeks.

Floyd we definately need back, however i thought Bolden stepped up, he wasn't Darrell Adams but he made some plays. But i agree, we still need Adams back.

i'm excited to see what Landry can do though.


It was starting to be a lot of fun watch Adams play. The sooner hes back the better. :cry:

Now we'll get a chance to see if Landry can step up to the plate. Good luck man, if you impress the boss, you may very well be working alongside Adams upon his return.

Dose anybody go to the practise’s that can tell me how Landry is doing?