we need a stadium announcer for this year

Complete agreement - I can't see any way we take 5 QBs to TC, just not enough reps. 1, I suspect Williams, will be let go before TC, or at the latest , very early in TC.

  [b] Anybody know if Tracy Ham is still our QB scout in the U.S.?[/b]

Add my vote for a change of announcers.

If season ticket holders were asked - at least those with us in section 26 - they would almost all agree.

Guy that use to do our highschool games, his name was myers, did a better job than farr has ever...you dont have to screammmmmmmmmm to get people pumped...i wish he would go farr, farr away during games...plus lets have a variety of music, i enjoy hearing some of the old songs they play at the western games when watching on tv.

Who was the announcer in the 90's? He was pretty good and low key. Maybe they could get him back.

Was it Bill Stirrup? If it was I believe he passed away.

8) We will have 6 QB's when we obtain Kevin Glenn. I agree that Williams will probably be the odd man out in that scenario !!
  Tracy Ham is no longer a scout with the TiCats  !!!
8) Yes, Bill Stirrup did pass away. I believe Bill Kelly was the announcer before Jason Farr took over those duties.

walkerclan, we are in section 29, 2 years ago, I know what I felt, I cannot imagine the grief you suffered :slight_smile:

has anyone heard if there is a new announcer or we gonna be announcer less

A stadium announcer should just reports the facts, keep things on an even keel, and unbiased. He should not be a team cheer leader, and giving out cutsie nicknames. Bill Stirrup was the best at it, same with the guy who used to work at Maple Leaf Gardens (whose name I can't remember (even if I knew in the first place)). The new announcer should be someone that first and foremost has a great voice, can enunciate, and deliver the facts in a timely manner.

Paul Morris?

i say we go with rick zamperin TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN CATSSSSSS

Quite possibly, it’s ringing a bell…

Edit: Yes, definitely…


When Jason first started out he was not very good. But the second year he was way improved and I had no issues with him at all. Now that he is on City council he will not be back which I frankly do not like. We shall see what the next person brings.

I totally agree.

Nah, you need someone to tell the crowd when to stand up and when not to, our crowd isn't that football smart in all honesty.Loved how they cheered insanely when the Argo's were on Defense.