we need a stadium announcer for this year

i cant stand jason farr as the announcer have the time u cant understand him as he yells yes be excited but be composed and the other half he cant call players by there right name I.E. neil lumsden the ball carrier hello its time for a change


I don't think so. To be honest he has the most electrifying voice in the CFL for announcers. All other announcers sound like : "I'm just doing this part time cuz i'm in debt, no enthusiasm whatsoever." Ours gets the crowd on their feet everytime. Touuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhdddddddddddddoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr caatttttttttttttsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (current) vs. touchdown ticats... (new)
You pick.

You need to take a sedative..

umm. ya that's what fans do bro. When our team scores we gently clap our wrists tah tah. we don't want to make too much noise somebody on the field may hear us.Are you blind??!?! this is tiger town home of the craziest football fans in the cfl. Everyone goes nuts about the tiger-cats here so why should we relax? Relaxing's for dead people.

You have 27000 people at the game, all of them sitting next to the most obnoxious person in Hamilton. I drive a long way to go to Ticat games and my enjoyment is severely limited by having to listen to that screeching PA guy. Leave the cheering to the cheerleaders. At least they know how to do it.

"?Touchdownnnnnn Tigerrrrrrrrr-Catssssssss!!!!" Cringe..... I more than agree, the sound of Jason yelling that really grates on the nerves. How about a prerecorded tiger growl blasting through the all too loud speakers when the Cats score a td. Would be an improvement over what Jason does. Also, most of us have seen the play on field as well as the officals signal on whether it’s a first down or not. Listening to Jason yell “Firstttttttt downnnnnn Tigerrrrrrrr-Catssssssss!!!!?....is a little insulting as well as the grating upon the nerves. Sure could use a voice like a “Bill Stirrup? etc to just announce a game and let the fans do the yelling.

Couldn't agree more!

Its not a monster truck or wrestling event where people expect to hear that kind of obnoxious announcing.

Of all the changes Uncle Bobby has made...for some strange reason, he refuses to pull the plug on Jamie Farr.

Far (pun intended) and away the worst announcer in any sport, at any stadium/area I've been to...which is several.

I have friends (true story)...in other CFL cities who comment on his boorish lack of professionalism. He certainly ruins the game day experience...save and except for the play on the field over the last few years.

Unload Farr!!

K. first of all it's a sporting event and the announcer is supposed to get people wound up and second of all he doesn't screech. A tiger roar is a dumb idea td.roar. wow that was kinda lame. To get people wound up you need A.Loudness B.Something continuous C.Something that makes a celebration great eg. fireworks, or the sirens they used during game 3 this past season. I like the announcer and what you guys are saying makes me think. Have you ever been to a live tiger-cat game or are you just bored out of your mind and decided to bust some balls? The announcer we have is great, he get's people wound up unlike every other CFL team's announcer. I don't think they'll replace a guy that get's everyone up and cheering for an unenthuastic goof anyday.

Umm FYI other cities around the league think every team but theirs is pure garbage so obviously their gunna do anything to criticize us.

Yes, the bombastic sound over the speakers of Jason's voice brings the gameday experience down quite a few notches. Let the fans do the cheering and yelling.

I would imagine many of the players must find him annoying also. If I played for the Cats I might prefer road games just because of him.

In an article about Quinton Porter in Saturday's edition of the Hamilton Spectator, Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said "One of the things we preach is that team comes first. With the loss of marquee names, that's what you're left with." Maybe Jason Farr or whoever is the stadium announcer this year can keep that in mind and announce each Ticat player's name professionally without the cartoonish overkill used in recent seasons.

One more request. The stadium announcer does not need to order the fans to make noise. If the Ticats play entertaining and winning football this year, the fans will make noise.

Announcers at sports events like to be somewhat unique
so I don't hold it against Jason for trying to do that.

Jason's enthusiasm is okay with me now that
he has cut back from being too extreme.

In the early, packed house years of bob's regime
lots of newbies to IWS sat too quietly in the stands.

Jason did ham it up too much and went overboard
trying to exort them to cheer at the right times.

He has backed off quite a bit.

THAT is my biggest pet peeve with the announcing. When he is introducing the 12 starters and you can only tell who 3 or 4 of them are because you can't tell what name he trying to say...it is very annoying.

I do like some of what he does though. He can be a very good stadium announcer if you ask me. I like his enthusiasm and love for the cats....personally I just think he has to tempure that a bit.


he is brutal. just get someone better please :lol:

I can live with the announcer - I certainly hope there are more candiates for the O Line & D Line annouced
this board is starting to get a bit boring ! What's up with the 5 QBs???????

Maybe, you should start a new thread. We're discussing Jason Farr's talents as the stadium announcer here.

Personally, I don't care for him in this capacity.