We need a Spy Gate Rule for the CFL

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Mr Commisher please click the link above and Read my Post and see the video this must be addressed

We need a Rule about Spys

Here is Video to Commissioner of the CFL

I have Started on Line
as Follow :

The Canadian Football has a rule all CFL Practices must be open to public. Due to Winnipeg Spy at Hamilton Practice
The 1st 15 min of Each Practice is now off Limits to Ticats Fans

We The Fans of the CFL are Asking our our Commissioner
To Bring in Rule Preventing Teams from Watching an Other Teams Practice

Under The Penalty of a 50,000 Fine and Draft Pick Loss.

Please Sign this
Let get Rule in Place ASAP


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it's really not a big deal. you just think it is because 1 incident is caught.

He just wants the practice open. His rule would prevent teams from doing this, thus allowing the fans to watch.

Sorry to burst people's bubble, but spying on other team takes place weekly. It's a reality; get used to it and GET OVER IT!!

I don't think it's that big a deal; nor do I think it's a big deal to have 15 minutes of practice closed to the public and the media.