We need a returner!

.....I've been keeping tracks on our return game compared to other clubs and basically it stinks....How a special teams ace like Mike O, allows this important part of the game to drift in a state of mediocrity is a little mind boggling...Fogg doesn't appear to want it anymore....Lankford is lousy ....cripes Dressler would show these guys up at it but he's too fragile now...We are not a threat to take one all the way anymore and seem content to fall down on the 35 on most returns....We need a speedy little guy like Rainey, Banks,Finch or a returner T.O. just picked up....(name escapes me)...Seems we have fallen down badly in the return game since McDuffie pulled the pin....There were all kinds of speedy guys in tc but we didn't find it necessary to keep one....Looking back I wonder if there aren't some regrets about trying to fill the spot with near-do-wells as we have at present.

Martese Jackson from Toronto??? Jackson was an off-season signing with Bombers in 2016 and released before minicamp. Alouettes then signed him during training camp where he stayed for the rest of the season. Jackson only stepped on the field a handful of times for the Alouettes during the regular season last year.

Lankford isn't the problem. He may even be part of the solution. When you have mopes like Hurl, Mike Miller and such trying to block ferocious, snot-snorting teams personnel you got problems. Like with much of the bombers the 10-5 record is hiding a myriad of problems. . . . . . main one being overall team strength and power!

Lankford being replaced by Washington today at practice, taking first team reps....Maybe they're both going to see the field against the Leos...or is something else up..

Saw those tweets, sounds like good news. JFG and Coates practising, Nichols throwing well, L'Damian back in (in my opinion, about time), Flanders and Corney watching. I'm expecting Shayon Green to come in off the PR, that's a ratio problem, hmmm...
It's only Tuesday, should be OK.

Besides, when Sara Orlesky is keeping an eye on it, I'm feeling good....

We're good to go.Number 11 coming up!

There are reports the Big Blue may start two NI receivers....
are we going to see the Poop/Nevis combo? That would give Jennings
something to remember.

They start Wolitardy & Guido Guidino and BC will absolutely blanket the faster import guys including Darwin Adams and Old Denmark.

Could be a big day for Andrew "Husky" Harris as his cellmate Pink is injured. I suspect Harris could be in for 15 to 20 touches vs. the Lions.

.......Harris likes to stick it to his old club when he gets the chance...Tomorrow he gets another chance and I think he'll run wild....Leos are not the same without Bigbird in the middle....Solly wears out quickly now and I can see Andrew finding some nice holes up the middle to run through...The D looks stronger with Popp and Nevis in there and if they get to Jennings quickly with pressure...I like our chances

Plus 6, rain. Harris alone in the backfield, wet slippery ball, BC's first cold one, should be a turn-over kind of day.

Pro-Line has MOS wearing shorts paying $2.60...

Poop & Nevis might give our d-line a bit more oomph (off the hop, they'll wear down by the 2nd half) but all Jennings has to do is hoist the ball into play and his big-game hunter WRs will usually beat our Bowery Boyz secondary to bits - even without the legendary Roc Michael!

Hope Harris romps for 90+ on the ground and takes a couple swing-shots for big yards - perhaps 110 -120 by game's end.

Game will rest on Nichols ability to punch in for 7 inside the Leo's 25. . . . . . cuz for whatever reason Doc Medlock is no longer a sure thing!

btw Wumper - where does O'Shea purchase his smelling salts - notice that Wal-Mart no longer stocks the item, won't even both with Presidents Choice!

The bombers are doing lots of things right but other than parts of their o-line they don't really have guys that can overpower or even create partial open lanes on returns. Thus guys like Lankford & Foggy are up against masses of humanity - good that they don't reverse field and lose 10 yds - even a 2 yd Pepe Latourelle return is OK.

Love the job Stef Logan did for Montreal this year. More than just a returner as well.