We need a returner/

...I don't want to take away anything from our close win against the hammer BUT there's always room for improvement....Just ask Joe Mack :wink: ,,I was really disappointed in most of our field position on kick-offs and punt returns...We just can't seem to give Pierce and the offence a relatively sound spot on the field to get going...Time and time again we were starting from our 20-25 yd. line (penalties didn't help) while Glenn and the cats were starting from the 40-45 yd. line...Field postion is a BIG part of this game ...We have to improve it....IF we have a returner in Tim Brown , I'd like to see him...This team can take a lot of pressure of it's self with a better return game...

In any event ...off the return topic..another great win for a very fiesty team...Joe Lo???? I don't know what we were thinking in the offseason entertaining the idea of letting you head out of town... :rockin: :rockin: I'm glad we came to our senses :thup:

We need to get our return game straightened out soon. Especially with the cold weather on the way and special teams may be the difference in a cold,windy game in NOV !

Will Tim Brown get a chance on Labour Day?

I think Brown could definitely be a solution and it looks like he'll be getting a chance pretty soon. Beasley hasn't been bad though.. I don't know why he hasn't been getting more touches.. but Brown sounds like he could be something special. Looking forward to his debut, it'd be huge if he comes as good as advertised.

A returner - YES please. 4th quarter on a return they're running backwards? Bombers were lucky to be bailed out by at least the 5 yard no yards penalty on that play. Denmark was OK filling in vs BC but clearly showed yesterday he's not the long term solution yesterday with his 3 returns for a 7 yard average.

Also a run game that doesn't go straight at the offensive line on each attempt. As much as people may want to complain about the run game and/or Fred Reid and/or the Oline, it really doesn't challenge the defense much when seemingly every rush attempt is somewhere between the tackles. A pitch out or a QB bootleg with a pitch option to reid once or twice yesterday might've backed off the Ticat edge rush a bit. A bit more creativity designing the running plays would help tremendously. Kudos to Reid for grinding out some tough yardage though, including a couple hard runs to help run the clock at the end of the game.

Gotta agree, even though these guys are in great shape, it would sure be nice to have that dedicated returner who is always fresh coming in.