We need a quarterback!!!

all I'm saying his to give someone else a chance. Brady hasn't been tired on the field(or barely for 1 yd run. when you only look at Calvillo's number, it's not that bad but the truth is, a lot of these stats we're built on blow out games. it's thing to trade Calvillo while he's still worth something(if he has the same season as this year, he'll be worth a lot less). Do you think we would be in the same situation with Palmer if it wasn't for Calvillo in montreal? I don't feel like he's even given a chance to start, seems like the job is already given. also, I'd like to see a little bit more of Brady on the field. Everything is built around Calvillo so if he's not at his best, the rest falls appart....

Brady has shown zero. Honestly, why is everyone so willing to believe this guy can be a CFL starter? He's been in this league for a while now and has yet to prove he can carry a team. You mention the 1-yard runs and third-down gambles: well, he fumbled at least one of those during a crucial game moment this past season. If he can't even execute a quarterback sneak properly, why should he lead this offense? If Palmer hadn't whinged his way out of Montreal, I'd have been curious to see him compete with A.C. in training camp, but Brady is a career backup to me.

I think the fumble came from Nealon Greene...

No, it was Brady to whom discipline is referring. I as well recall him fumbling on a crucial third down.

To his credit, his error was caused by him trying for too much as opposed to simple carelessness.

Greene, on the other hand, was an interception machine and will be missed in Montreal about as much as is Ted White.

Bert, I am with you in still thinking that Brady has upside potential.

That said, I don't think he's ready to step into AC's shoes yet. Give him some more meaningful playing time this year and we'll see. If AC can bring him along (or Palmer or Kingsbury or whomever) as Ham brought AC along, we'll be in good shape for the future.

But to trade AC now would be a mistake (at least trading him for Cope and a draft pick would be).

Dream up a better offer and we'll talk.

The only person I’d trade Calvillo for, is Ricky Ray.

But Ray as well, can’t be at his best when he’s constantly rushed, and/or receivers not helping him out.

Calvillo didn’t have a great season, but not bad either.

Theres 2 things that frustrated me about Calvillo last year.

  1. For some reason, he insisted on getting the ball to Anderson. He never learned, that Anderson’s heart was somewhere else, other than on the team. He never layed out and if he bled, he’d put a knee down and wait for the trainers to escort him off the field.

Calvillo threw to Cahoon, 3 times in a row, picks up 3 straight first downs, then ignores Cahoon for 2 quarters.

2)Still related to the first one. WORK THE INSIDES! 85% of the time, Calvillo threw to the sidelines, they work once in a while, but c’mon. Throw it to the guys with guts, Stala and Cahoon, and who have more room to manoever. Calvillo’s sidelines throws were wayyy off. If it doesn’t work for the most part of the season, it won’t work that much for the remainder.

Regular season numbers like that are great..but he's paid the big bucks to WIN the GC! and bottom line IMO..he choked!

As a fan that was sitting/freezing in Winter-peg on Grey CUp day:

I'm sticking to my story...Jake Ireland "stole" the Grey Cup from us !

Nah, the refereeing didn't cost us the Grey Cup; the better team on the day won, plain and simple.

That said, our defence allowed only one offensive touchdown, and against the BC offence that is one heck of an accomplishment. So the blame goes to an ineffective offence.

Is Bellefueille the man to correct that??

I remember Brady fumbling on a third and inches against Wpg. He also fumbled the week before against BC but Mtl recovered!

Yes we need another QB. I can't stand to watch him throw. There is a reason Cahoon has to make all those incredible catches-- AC has trouble leading his receivers and is constantly throwing behind them. He has also perfected the end over end pass. On his first TD drive against the Argos, the first two of his three completions in a row were terribly thrown balls-- not worthy of a professional. But as usual Popp has failed to come up with an alternative-- for at least the 7th straight year.

sicard, if Calvillo is such a terrible quarterback, why does he have a Grey Cup ring? Why is he one of only a handful of QBs to have passed for 6000 yards in a season? Why has he led this team to the Grey Cup final three times in the past four years?

Give me a break.

Are you serious about Wade ?


I should hope he is! Wade is my favourite all time Alouette.

disciplineandpunish-- he has a ring because the team was good enough to overc0me his lousy play. We've been in the Grey Cup 3 times in 4 years because the rest of the conference has sucked big time. He passed for 6000 yards because he was left in even in blowouts, and also because all we ever did was pass. He is very good at picking apart weak teams.
By the way, I was out West and happened to run into a BC Lions tour with the Grey Cup. Had the opportunity to speak with a very prominent member of the team and asked him if they feared AC going into the game. He laughed. Told me they knew they would win and said why do you think we have beaten them 8 of the last 9 times we played them.

Funny how the team was good enough to overcome he lousy play when we won but it is his fault when we lost.

So what he was left in even in blowouts? He was the reason there was a blow out in the first place!

AC already leads the Als in
Season yards
Career comp %
Season 300Yrd games
Career 300Yrd games
Career completions
Career passing yards
Career TD passes

Wade 1969-1978 (10 seasons) at 14 to 16 games per season 169 Interceptions
Etcheverry 1952-1960(9 Seasons) at 12-14 games per season 163 Interceptions
Calvillo 1998- 2004 (9 Seasons)at 18 games per season 63 Interceptions

Etcheverry 1952-1960 3444 pass attempts
Calvillo 1998-2004 3202 pass attempts
He should take over 3rd all time passing yards this year

His numbers say we have a real QB!

Finally, as for your BC player, what did you expect him to say? Wow we were worried all along and we fluked out!

Whatever, sicard. Your opinion just loses all credibility when you minimize everything Calvillo has done but blame him when things go wrong. How about the spectacular drive he engineered again and again against Edmonton in the 05 Cup loss, only to have us lose because our defense was never, ever able to make a single stop when it counted?

And another question...in last year's Grey Cup, remind me; was it Edwards or Calvillo who fumbled on the goal line at a point in the game when the outcome was still in some doubt?


your biggest mistake this year so far was cutting nealon greene!!! if you had used him in last year's GC you might have had a chance to score some points and be the defending GC champ!!

looks like danny barrett isn't the only one who refuses to pull a struggling QB x__x

Good joke, UnrealRiders. Yes, Nealon Greene would have led us to the Grey Cup. Sure. Whatever. Stop trolling our forum.