We need a quarterback!!!

Am I the only one or does A.C. need to go? I've just recently taken the bag off of my head after our Grey Cup humiliation, and I blame Calvillo. He may be a great QB in the regular season, but he has proven himself as Mr. Choke in the playoffs. Why don't we turn the page and try someone new? Next year is Grey Cup Montreal and I will definitely be getting tickets and expect to see the Als there. Calvillo will not be able to win the cup. He has shown it time and time again. Why stick with a loser? Let's try someone new this year and bring back the silver next year. GO ALS GO !!!

Are you volunteering for the job?

Sorry but you are wrong to only blame AC
There are 24 total players on the field and AC is only one of them.

Sure, let's dump a proven quarterback with a Grey Cup ring because he had one subpar year. And of course Calvillo was the only thing wrong with our offense. :roll:

I think AC still has a couple of good years left in him. We'll see how he does now that they will be going back to the old ball. However, I do think that the Als need to start grooming a replacement. Is Palmer the answer? I guess time will tell.

I think Johnboy58 has a point. Calvillo definitely has some offensive talents, but the last few years he has not shown an ability to adapt. He has stuck with the same tried and true formula, passing yards, to the detriment to the overall goal. If he can adapt and generate a more balanced offence, it would mean more success.

Looks like a new QB will be at camp...let's the controversy start :wink:

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I personaly have "issues" with Calvillo, but like disciplineandpunish said: yeah..."let's dump a proven QB"...

Calvillo will be our starter this year, love him or hate him !

Now let's see who will be 2nd & 3rd string:

Palmer, Brady, Kingsbury...???

Way to go, Jim! Hopefully Kliff Kingsbury will adapt to the Canadian game and we will get a good quarterback. Anthony Calvillo is the best quarterback that I have ever seen on this team. His numbers back me up. However, I think it's time for him to step back and let someone else take the reins. I hope that Anthony will stay with this organization for many years to come in a coaching or administrative position. He has given us much and I'm sure has much more to give. Thanks Anthony, and good work Jim! GO ALS GO!!!

For older guys like myself we have had the opportunity to recall two guys who were much better that AC. These were Sam Etcheverry and Sonny Wade.

Transitioning from Calvillo to someone else isn't going to be easy or quick, and I don't think Popp will do it this year. If anything, he'll try to have A.C. groom his replacement slowly, so that by the time Calvillo retires, we'll have a QB who can step in without much of a dropoff. People underestimate what Calvillo brings to the table because our expectations are always so high, but let me tell you, he is definitely not the only person to blame for last season's Cup loss. Let's see what a new O.C., hopefully new receivers, and the old CFL balls will do for Anthony's game before we proclaim that he's done.

Anyone would be fine as long as Montreal stays away from Jason Maas. He stinks.

Interesting article on the main page for those who missed it

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=15818]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=15818[/url]

You can add Syvelle Newton of South Carolina to that list of QB's. You guys signed him yesterday. I think though with Kingsbury in the mix they will move Newton to WR or FS. If you never have seen this kid play, he is a dynamo. He will play anywhere you need him and is a big time playmaker.

Recievers did drop too many passes in the last GC BUT!....AC is one of few QB's that is allowed to call ALL his own plays and he absolutely blew it!

Even if the recievers didn't fail..He was throwing like he was blind folded most of the game anyway. He needs to go!

Calvillo is our man.

Although Calvillo didn't have his best year last year, doesn't mean it's time to retire. He did finish 2nd in passing yards. Don't forget also, Calvillo didn't quite have the "help" from his receivers. His stats show us things, and don't show other stats, for instance mistakes by receivers and dropped passes.

2 Years ago, the Als weren't dominating like they use to, but they still had the best Offense in the league.

With the acquisition of Keith Stokes, I believe that adds a threat to short passes, we all know what Stokes can do with the ball.

Not only that, with Anderson gone, we don't have Calvillo wasting a down throwing to him. For some reason, Anderson was Calvillo's favourite target, even though Anderson never dove for a pass, never came back to help on broken plays, and tries to catch about 20% of the time.

In my opinion, Calvillo will have a better year this year, and will be 1st or 2nd is passing, yet again.

Best thing to do with Calvillo: trade him!!! he's still worth a lot in this league and there are teams that would sign him in a heartbeat(if we were able to get a first round pick for a kicker(Ottawa!!), we could definitely get something interesting for Calvillo. I'd try to trade him for Copeland and maybe a pick at the next draft. I think it could even give us a little wiggle for cap room. Calgary has plenty of receivers and nothing really great came from that last year(huge disappointement). Copeland's return to montreal would be huge and I'd rather try this new receiving core with a new QB than keep the one we have with Calvillo. Now's the time, the east is pretty weak this year so it shouldn't be a problem to make the playoff. We need a number one WR and right now, we have none(I don't think we even have 6'3''or more wr right now). I love Cahoon (best slotback in the league)but we need a tall, deep treath receiver. eager to hear all you Calvillo lover have to say. I have nothing against him but how many years do we have to lose at the grey cup because of his poor performance before we trade him. and if I see him call another play on the field... 1st and ten + pass= nothing, 2nd and ten +pass=nothing and here comes special units!!!! We have to run in this league, we have all the elements to do so but Calvillo doesn'T seem to get that...

Surround A.C. with good receivers and give him a creative playbook and he'll come through. He's done too much for this team and this city for us to boot him out after one subpar season.


Copeland to Mtl ???

Ok then, who will throw him the ball, or to Cahoon, or anyone else...do you want out team to be like the Ti-Cats and be 4-14 for the next 2-3 seasons, I don't !

Copeland is not the solution to all our problems...and with his big contact i'd rather spent it a on unknown receiver out of NCAA division 1 than on a guy who's prime has past him !

I don't see why you are blaming AC!
He didn't have the greatest year but he didn't have a terrible year either!
4700 yards and 20 TD with a new ball that ever QB hated is pretty good if you ask me!

I also would like to know how many of those passes that looked like he was blindfolded were due to the ball and how many we because he was throwing to a spot....and the receiver was not where he was supposed to be?

The whole team had a tough year. I suspect this year will be more difficult then last for a few reasons but one of the bright spots is Antonio. He is working his ass off this off season to come into camp in better shape. He has never done this before and its about time, as a franchise player, he needs to be professional year round.

Everything that could have gone wrong last season did and he still put up around 5000 yards! Even the ball changed! :x

However this year we have an oline that is one year older....

Lots of question marks in the receiving corps and running/blocking positions.

And Marcel Bellefeuille as an OC! This one is tough to deal with.

This is not a good fit for Anthony. I think it will help the backup's ability to come in with a low risk playbook but it will not be a great fit for Calvillo.

Add to that All of the coaching staff changes, the depature of Desjardins and the added responsabilities of Jim Pop and this year looks to be the most difficult for the Als in 10 years. The last few years the imports coming in to camp have been less and less impressive with each crop and I am anxious to see if any top notch import rookies make an impact at camp.

The Als are still as good as any team in the East, so Pop has lots of room to manouver...