We need a NEW quarterback!

Sorry, we already have a third string QB....at a fraction of the price! :roll:

NOBODY Could Look GOOD As A Ti-Cat QB This Year!

Casey Still Has TALENT!

Gee... you mention Casey Printers and talent in the same post??? Guess that makes one other person besides Casey who thinks he has something!!!


DUH...They DON'T Give The MOP Just To ANYBODY! :roll:

That is true so maybe Casey can get a new job with HIS "MOP" cleaning floors, now that he has shown he can't play football!! :?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Best comeback of the week! :lol: :lol: :lol:

can't figure this one out 1:19 to go in the game ..just made a good play to get 1st down & were starting to move the ball down field...very next play a willy nilly hail mary that gets picked off & basically ends the game...who called that play..... i do agree with some of you guys ..you def. need a new qb / leader ..........shoulda kept printers ..even though he hasnt done well since he left he was awesome in b.c...... jarious is like jason maas...great backup but will never make it as a starter...
buck??? not sure what's up with him........hate to admit it but i would have loved to see b.c. get that last second bomb in the end zone,, henry burris what a moron.lolololol

see ya all next season :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

don't have to worry heard today on cknw stepahn Logan and Buck Pierce are trying out for some NFL teams so they will not be here next year,

What Are YOU Smoking? lol :roll:

Dupsdell is 80% right.

Both Pierce and Logan are going to some NFL evaluation camps. Whether anything happens down there who knows.

With Bucks injury history, I suspect he will be back next year.

Losing LOGAN Would Really SUCK! :cry:

I think Logan is a little to small for the NFL. Smaller field + bigger, faster players = Logan getting crushed. He would be running for his life! Welcome back to B.C. :smiley:

I think QB is the least of the problems, retooling the defensive backfield might be in order as some of the personnel there are getting a little old, the lions db’s are good ball hawks but they lacked a bit of consistency last year.

Anybody remember how good Ray was 6 years ago? Or Calvillo was when he was in LAS VEGAS? Give Bucky time, he’ll be great. He already is a very efficient passer and what he needs only time can give him.

Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson are great quarter-backs for B.C. They'd be retarded to go with any one else. And who else is there?

What's Nelon Greene up to? lol!!!

Playing in Saskatchewan.....at least thats the rumour I keep teasing the Rider posters with! :wink: :wink:

I think that Jarious Jackson has been given enough opportunity and hasn't shown that he has the guts to make the big plays near or in playoff time. Buck has not been the ideal quarterback but will probably improve with afew years experience. I think he has the guts to be a top rated quarterback but his arm is not that strong. I have always been against the idea of Printers for obvious reasons, but now I think is the time to look at Printers being our second string quarterback only if he really wants to play for the Lions and comes in with the right attitude. I still think his heart is in B.C. I would keep Buck as our first stringer and release Jarious. I have liked Jarious but he doesn't seem to have the toughness needed to win a grey cup. Printers would give us an option of having a quarterback who can run well and has a strong arm. He just needs a good offensive line and good receivers, something the lions need to be and are upgrading at this time.

I second the motion on giving Champion a shot at QB. The kid can't be any worse than Pierce and Jackson, can he?

I would like to apologize to Jarious Jackson for my previous statments, but I would like to get him fired up for next year. I believe he could have been given more of a chance near the end of this past season but I know Wally wanted to stick it out with Buck to give him a chance. But I would have thought the way Jarious played in the last part of the Toronto game that Wally would have used the two quarterback system more to his advantage. It may have made a difference, maybe not, but we will never know. If Buck is not playing that great, I say start Jarious in the second half, then if Jarious falters, then you can always put Buck back in, and he will be more rested. Jarious may have caught fire and won a grey cup for us, even playing a quarter or two. That's the way Edmonton used to do it with Warren Moon and Wilkenson. I think it makes sense.It almost looked like Wally didn't have enough faith in Jarious to give him a shot. If you are not going to have faith in your second string quarterback, then you may as well start training another quarterback for this coming year. I think Jarious does have the tools and reads good, but just throws too many long bombs. He definitely has the potential to win us a grey cup in a two quarterback system. The coaches just have to have alot of confidence in him and work with him to fine tune his game. I believe Jarious does have to work on his mental toughness and stop trying to be Mr Nice Guy. Just relax and play the way you can. I love your strong arm and big play potential but you have to sustain more drives with more shorter plays.. Don't try to win it all by yourself. Just take what they give you and manage the game. That's what Henry Burris took a long time to learn, but he finally did. It does help to have the best team and set of receivers of course. Good luck in 2009 Jarious! I don't think you are done yet!!