We need a NEW quarterback!

[b]Pierce and Jackson were both BRUTAL!

What A WASTE Of An Effort By The Defense…AGAIN![/b]


yes we fricken do. we had that damn game.

What a joke...
Pierce purely paniced when he got in the red zone... to be there 6 times and come away with 5 field goals will do nothing in the CFL but let you sit and watch next week...

we need an offensive coordinator that has some imagination that is not predictable and calls stupid plays time and time again....

what a joke....

yeah i wasn’t impressed! for a moment i thought Bishop was in the game throwing that ball away. defence won this game, sure wish they converted that last play after Burrises screw up, sure liked the look on his face when he noticed 1 second on the clock. I was pulling for the Lions, don’t care who wins now :frowning:

acctually no we dont, but i say play jackson next year. like come on, buck pierce hasnt been a first starter qb before, itll take him time to get use to it and know is Offence really well, i gurantee you next year he will do good. so play jackson or buck, they both good.

This is the first year these two guys didn't have a Veteran QB LIKE Dickenson to rely on to calm them down .Give these guys a break. IMO going into next year having a year under their belt will benifet this team. It could have been worse. We could still have Adam Rita running this franchise with Damon Allen still as our starter without a back up qb to develope. Remember those days!!!!

Sorry GeroySimonFan, I have to disagree there,
Both QB were inconsistent this year,not JUST one of them. In some ways they were Rookies because they never had a Veteran presence like they had before. You have to remember these two guys been starters when they had to replace Dickenson for the last 2 years when he was injured. You tend to forget they both been in the Lions system for AT LEAST 3 YEAR , with each having a championship ring back '06 . So for you to say they're going to take awhile to know the offence i have to disagree.

If I were a Lions fan I would be a lot more concerned about a few other developments than your Q.B. At least you were in the red zone 6 times. But Smart running the missed field goal out of the endzone with 2 minutes left and down by 4???? The scrimmage was at the 49 yard line. That is where they would have started had they gave up the single. Your down by 4, what the heck is the difference being 5 down. You still nead a T.D. no matter what. Instead they start at the 18 or whatever. Monster mistake there. In the red zone the play calling was riderish. If you can't get in from the 1 on 4 or 5 different occasions that has nothing to do with Pierce. Play calling was the culprit there. Oh well at least in another 8 days the Lions and Riders are tied for first again.

Valid point...........recall also that earlier in the year the Lions' got stuffed three times from the one yard line by the Als. Happens this many times, you've got to look at the play selection.

that may be true, but its lack of imagination on either the quarterbacks or the Coach. they need to mix it up alot more, and more exciting or secretive type plays, fake field goals, double reverses, things like that, you don;t seem to see that anymore.

i believe in a 2 quarterback, system, because this way the defence may not know how to play them? maybe one quarterback is more of a runner, the other more of a passer(stays in the pocket more. I blame the coaches more for the problem they need to put in the other guy more, plus lack of better plays more imagination in their calls( no excitment) anyone remember Vic Rapp late 70s era, the Lions were very exciting team, Harry Holt, Larry Key, John Henry White, etc.

I say give the QB's one more year. No need to press the panic button yet. Maybe a change in the offensive coordinator is needed?

Weren't these Buck's first 2 playoff starts? He is still young and learning. The best QB's in this league are at their best in their 30's. Most guys can't be Ricky Ray.

Good points LG. Buck's nerves got the better of him...he was "off" all game. But I'm not quite ready to pack it in with him yet...he's shown flashes of brilliance and I think, with experience, he'll gain some insight into what went wrong. I'd like to stick with him awhile and see how he develops.

Stay with what we have. Buck is only going to get better, and Jarious is more than a capable back up. Also, depending on what happens in training camp next year, how about Champion ? Surely you don't want Printers back (another circus) or someone like Bishop. So who else is out there ? The only other thing would be a block buster trade. How about Logan and Pierce for Ricky Ray ? Nah, I like Logan too much, but could you imagine Ray on our team ? I think I heard Edmonton signed Ray to an extension anyhow. Now back to reality. Oh well, that was fun and I needed that after yesterday! :cowboy:

yes, like i said, buck will get better, but it will take some time, and he had an injured ankle.


I hear that Michael Bishop is available.


You got 2 better Qb's than the riders do. What the all crying towels out for? Both will be good Qbs. Pierce could become great. Don't forget he was playing while still hurting and probably a bit gun shy because of it. Calgary and Edmonton dinged him up more than you probably realize.

Good post. Give Pierce some time to develop. Jackson is just a dumb QB. Throw the long ball and hope it doesn't get intercepted.

Other than Ricky Ray, Henry Burris (And Cavillo...but his age) I wouldn't trade our QB for any other QB on any other team.