We need a new Ottawa FC jersey now!

To wear at upcoming Grey Cups, Touchdown Atlantic, Montreal and TO games & others. Hunt et al should get the ball rolling now! :slight_smile:

For sure. The classic black or white 1966 - 1973 Ottawa Rough Rider jerseys.

no old school jerseys that look completely out of place hopefully

A great concept to start the merchandise campaign well before the team starts playing.

While everyone is acting with confidence that construction will start this spring,/summer, it isn't actually official yet. They probably want to wait until they know for sure before going into this full-tilt.

Still, I thought they should have participated in the retro event earlier this year, since the RR teams of the 70's were among the featured ones. Even if it had been for a limited time, it might have helped make the whole thing feel a bit more real and generate some support when they needed it (prior to council votes and such).