We need a new kicker

Glad I could be of service.

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Your explanation made me open a beer......Thank you

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Threads like these are a perfect example of why you should never jump the gun on 1 game. We ended up just fine after this thread, and our kicker was a big reason for the last Grey Cup.
It was embarrassing how our fans ridiculed Leggs after the Montreal game, and then a week later were telling everyone how great he is.
I could not imagine the emotional ups & downs of being a kicker in fooball.


I strongly agree with your point, but one little factual correction. In last year's Grey Cup Sergio Castillo was our placekicker. Mark Liegghio was our punter. While he was doing placekicks earlier in the season, the Bombers apparently decided to let him concentrate on punting for his first season as a pro and it seems it has worked out very well. Remember, prior to 2021 we were a bit spoiled having Justin Medlock for several years. Even Medlock missed a few in 2019, but they didn't hurt us in the long run.


Plus we're finally realizing the CFL dream... having a Canadian (or Global) handle both the punting AND the place kicking chores. :grinning: :+1:

I believe ty long has just been released

I think he'd be a long shot. :astonished:

thats a good thing, yes? :slight_smile: