We need a new kicker

I'm not at all pleased. Sergio Castillo is not only an Import but I doubt he's as cheap as some Canadians , e. g. Tyler Crapigna or Marc Liegghio, thus exacerbating the Bombers' salary cap problems.


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OK, you caught them, SHUSH,

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Cheer up sir. I'm sure that Import Sergio Castillo is just filling an IMMEDIATE need. Rookie National Marc Liegghio is still on the roster and continues to mature as a punter. Maybe sometime next year or the year after Liegghio will work his way into that dual punter-kicker role we were hoping he'd be able to handle this year. It's always great to have a national handle two positions at once and free up that extra import elsewhere on the roster. :smiley: :+1:

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I always prefer a FG and punter individually .

I like to think that the punter can back up the FG kicker in a injury and the punter could do likewise in a game .

At least you would have some hope if either went down in a game .

They should at least practice every once in awhile to cross over just in case .


My preference too - so long as they're both Canadians. An import who does only one of the jobs is to me a tough luxury to justify.

My understanding is that kickers dedicated to one specialty x-over to the other specialty at the end of every practice for more than a few practice reps.


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It makes sense now why they went with Mourtada this long. They probably had this deal done a couple weeks back but just agreed to not finalize it until after Winnipeg finished playing BC.