We need a new kicker

I'm not at all pleased. Sergio Castillo is not only an Import but I doubt he's as cheap as some Canadians , e. g. Tyler Crapigna or Marc Liegghio, thus exacerbating the Bombers' salary cap problems.


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OK, you caught them, SHUSH,

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Cheer up sir. I'm sure that Import Sergio Castillo is just filling an IMMEDIATE need. Rookie National Marc Liegghio is still on the roster and continues to mature as a punter. Maybe sometime next year or the year after Liegghio will work his way into that dual punter-kicker role we were hoping he'd be able to handle this year. It's always great to have a national handle two positions at once and free up that extra import elsewhere on the roster. :smiley: :+1:


I always prefer a FG and punter individually .

I like to think that the punter can back up the FG kicker in a injury and the punter could do likewise in a game .

At least you would have some hope if either went down in a game .

They should at least practice every once in awhile to cross over just in case .


My preference too - so long as they're both Canadians. An import who does only one of the jobs is to me a tough luxury to justify.

My understanding is that kickers dedicated to one specialty x-over to the other specialty at the end of every practice for more than a few practice reps.


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It makes sense now why they went with Mourtada this long. They probably had this deal done a couple weeks back but just agreed to not finalize it until after Winnipeg finished playing BC.

So should the Blue Bombers look to Canadian Marc Liegghio to be their kicker as well as punter in 2022 or should they continue to use up an Import position by continuing with Sergio Castillo?


I would say they should stick with Castillo if they can sign him. He is the best of the bunch. Arguably he was the GC MVP. Just win baby!

I am not at all concerned that he is American. The Bombers have excellent Canadian depth, including 3 Canadian running backs. It might be different if they were weak on that front, as they used to be. They could keep Leggo as a punter and see if he will mature into a place kicker down the road.

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Not sure there is a need for a thread for each position so I'll put it here.

Bombers need to get younger.

One move I would make is to re-sign Brady Oliviera and have him take over from Mike Miller in the backfield. Game plan accordingly.

Harris or Augustine if they are back can platoon at the other spot.

It adds to the offense and makes the team younger. Oliviera brings a nice blend of skill and physicality and is ready to be an every down player. Would be a shame to lose him to another team.

Would also like to see them bring D.J. LaLama back as a younger special teamer / linebacker / long snapper / home town hero. Gauthier and Briggs had their best seasons ever but the Bombers should move on imo.

Good idea! I agree.


Liegghio may eventually handle both the kicking and punting duties. He's just a 24 year old rookie this year biding his time... honing his talents. Castillo is 31 and probably has another 4 years of near perfection left to go before he fades into the sunset. But his protégé will be ready to take over by then. I say keep things just the way they are for now. This combo is working. :smiley: :+1:

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Not wrong but unfortunately the decision may be more financial rather than the better player choice.

If were talking about mature then sign god old 80 year old Jack Abenshand. In his time with Sask he was 90% effective any given season. So if kicks at 75% now that's still better than what were seeing. Would Lou Passglia come out of retirement ? :rofl:

I would love to see the return of a lineman / kicker and think they could be great fan favorites. Unfortunately with the 46 man rosters there is plenty of room for specialists.

Liegghio being slagged in the insider talk column is surprising to me. I thought he has been okay and would stick with him. Bombers have higher priorities imo.

Leggs is fine......just kicked a 70 yard field goal at practice yesterday.....got high fives from all of the guys.....I know practice isn't game conditions BUT as he notches more playing time , the kid will be just fine.......Don't forget guys Paredes, Meds, and Castillo have/had been kicking around a long time (pardon the pun) ...Leggs needs more time


What a swindle. This reminds me to stock up on beer this summer for the entire winter, for I think they are going to hike the prices of our beer a bunch before too long too.