We need a new kicker

My guess is that our latest guy to hold the place kicking duties is gonzo...Mourtada was given a good shot at the job and failed....even the point after was an exercise in futility...We have to move on....Failing the return of Medlock we will certainly be on the hunt for a field goal kicker...Start with trade talks with the Redblacks to acquire Ward...otherwise give all of the kicking duties back to Leggs....This is becoming an embarassment


Any news on Crapigna?

If they are panicking there is this guy . Donald De La Haye .

Not the humblest of guys but he might be able to kick a fg or extra point . Can't vouch for his place kicking .

He was with the Argos practice roster 2 years ago and either was let go or went home as he was making more money on YouTube .

1.8 million watched him talk about his experience in the CFL .


Damn it's so bad there now I think 9 years ago maybe I would have tried out. I was good at least from inside 40 plus I can backup punt and drop kick too!

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Wow! Great video and he got the raw deal. Only 22 - he's impressive in maturity of understanding too.

Oh yeah he has a cannon for a leg alright.

I'm doubting he goes back to the CFL without an advance.

Marquette King as a coach is a big deal.

And I can vouch for Bang energy drink.

I was an early adopter of Rockstar in its hometown of Las Vegas back in 2005. It was great until about 2019 when they sold out to Pepsi, who as big corporate parent of course figured they had a better idea on what was working already with the hardcore fans of the drink over the competition.

Enter Bang, which I tried when I was at my local gas station because the Rockstar choices sucked. Rose` is for real as are many other flavours all better than Rockstar at its peak even.

He's being polite, but Toronto can eat it for how they treated him.


He went back home to recover .

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Lirim Hajrulla has been approached ....He's still waiting around for a call down in the nfl....When those run out in Nov. , the Bombers plan on giving him a call again to see if he's interested.....Other than that a trade for Sean Whyte in Edm. or Ward in Ottawa could be on the table


Everyone thinks that Ward is going to Winnipeg, like it's just a matter of time ... everyone that is except Marcel Desjardins. :wink:

No to Donald De La Haye or any import kickers/punters.

Since Lirim Hajrullahu is playing hard to get, I'd just continue to work with Marc Liegghio. Hopefully Hajrullahu finds that his services are no longer needed by the Bombers once he's done with his game playing.


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When the weather gets really cold in November and the points get harder to come by... we'll be wishing we fixed this problem sooner. I'd give the keys back to Legs for now. He MADE most of his FG attempts and he's Canadian. Given that he's a raw rookie there's a ton of upside here. Maybe he's taken up knitting and gotten over those jitters. :smiley: :+1:

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Scoring is already hard to come by. It's the lowest that it's been in 40 years. It can't get any lower.

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For the rest of the league that's true. The Bombers offense is scoring more than enough points these days. Mind you it kinda helps that we play teams like the Elks back to back and have a defense that practically hands its offense the game on a platter. :grin:

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I fear you are correct and that your team just might be handed a few more of those safeties, or possibly a pick-six or fumble-six as well, tonight.

/smdh :flushed: :weary: :see_no_evil:

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A pick-six AMOST happened for the Elks but the ball turned out to be uncatchable for that DB with bricks for hands (and a giant squirrel tail under his helmet). It was a closer game than anyone thought but thankfully our D did what it's done all season in the 4th quarter... hand the ball back to our bewildered offense like a big juicy steak fit for an Apex predator... which our offence evidently is not.

We DID discover something important though. When Jarmarcus Hardrick is out of the lineup we kinda suck at protecting our QB. Too bad big all-star linemen don't grow on trees around here. Collaros would sleep better at night. So would we. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ottawa will NEVER trade Ward.

Every team has its price.

Since they're practically eliminated from the post-season, what if we were to offer Ottawa a big shiny draft pick this year and maybe another next year (should we sign him) like Toronto did with Collaros? We'll throw in a case of beer just to sweeten the deal. :smiley: :+1:

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No beer!!

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Sergio Castillo acquired in a trade.....The guy is 96 percent on field goal attempts....Sounds good ,,,,,missing piece acquired


And didn't give up any :beer: in the trade. lol

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Fantastic news! Sooner or later our kicking game was going to cost us. Way to go Walters. That shores up our 1 weak spot.

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