We need a general off-topic lounge forum that ISN’T under the CFL forum

mod note: this thread was made well before i became mod. lol


i'm bored and angry posting and i don't like it. lol

anyways i figure we need an off-topic chat garbage thread so some of you dorks don't post hotdogs and gross rib burgers in the Nathan Rourke work out thread lol.


the stupid hockey canada stuff has made me all bitchy and it's also kinda like that time of the month eh (sorry for TMI). YOU WOMEN ARE SO SENSITIVE OMG

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my dog has not pooped in almost two days now because of snow. he's a chihuahua and he's been eating so i am worried he is going to explode. he has never had an accident in the house but he refuses to go poop out in the snow, even tho i shoveled a little area for him. apparently he needs me to shovel the snow out of the whole back yard. it's ridiculous because he's pooped in snow before even though it's rare we get it. i think it's just because there is so much all at once and he can't remember the last time we had it lol.

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There is an off topic CFL talk designation but I’m not sure how it works or even that it has been used much since being instituted several months ago. Maybe someone else knows or one of the mods can provide some direction.

Otherwise, as it is off season, thread wandering will occur. Usually it is brief and sometimes it is even amusing. It’s not for everyone though judging by some posts I have read.

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ok i went looking for a general chat thread but ended up in some other rabbit hole on here

How about this? Off topic but still on it. Sorry I couldn't find a CFL Wilson tape'

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haha i've seen that before but it's cool. glad you posted it. cheers :grin:

goddammit when does CFL preseason start?

I know how you feel. Sometimes I watch old CFL games on YouTube.
Scrabble helps too.

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lol those waves are dangerous!

That is some quality content there - I didn't realize that Mike Piazza was such a solid actor - then he helps save a drowning young lady.

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lol Piazza’s Seinfeld appearances are pretty epic. poor Elaine.

That was Keith Hernandez that you're thinking of .


omg you're correct. shows how good my baseball knowledge is because i always get those two guys mixed up. Piazza was the catcher right? Hernandez was 1st base i think no?

Seinfeld voice: Keith Hernandezzz.....

both Mets tho. i am so not a baseball fan lol

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You are correct for 100 points . Mike Piazza was indeed a catcher and not a first baseman or even a pitcher . :baseball: :baseball: :baseball:

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ok i just made a proper lounge and moved this thread to it.


Believe Piazza was also related to his manager Lasorda when he played for the Dodgers.

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Yep , Piazza and Lasorda better known as...

two of my all-time fav Italian foods . :grin: :grin: