We need a FG kicker like now!

Enough horsing around we can't go on missing 33 yarders if we want to be serious this year.

seriously…this irvin kid has got to go, hopefully kellet is good to go next game.

yea…he does stink.

Yes but a healthy Kellet is not on fire by any mean either!!

Better than what we've got in Winnipeg

yeah but he's hurt and they guy we have at the moment is a good as the kicker at you highschool! thats right not pretty.

Irvin is terrible..... Kellet was kicking well before his injury.... he started 0 - 2, but after that was 11 - 13... hopefully he'll be back Thursday

Aside from Toronto and Calgary no Kicker is lighting it up so not to worry Kellet will get the job done and is better than 2 thirds of the league right now