We need a Canadian QB!!!!!

The Ti-Cats should get a Canadian QB from one of the collages, I would much rather watch a young Canadian kid develop at QB behind Timmy Chang that watch Jason Maas play, he bores me to tears!!!

Here is a partial list of Canadian QB Talent!!!

Andrew Appleton 6'1" 180 Queens
Michael Arsenault 6'3" 190 Montreal
Trevor Barss 6'0" 190 Sask
Matt Connell 6'1" 238 McGill
Michael Crabtree 6'4" 240 York
John Crupi 6"0" 185 Ottawa
Mark DeVooght 6'4" 195 Queens
Stefan Endsin 6'0" 215 Regina
Michael Faulds 6'2" 205 Western
Mark Feader 6'4" 200 Sask
Nathan Gougreau 6'2" 165 St. Francis
Matt Hale 6'5" 221 Syracuse
Charlie Hatt 5'10" 170 UBC
Brent Hill 6'0" 187 St. Mary's
Mark Howard 6'0" 187 Western
Jonathan Jodoin 6'2" 220 Montreal

I've said this many times in the past, the CFL should adopt a rule that actually encourages teams to develop a Canadian QB. Teams don't have Canadian QBs because if that guy ever became good, they'd have to pay him an arm and a leg. It's why Russ Jackson was paid so much. It's also why the league doesn't have a rule where Americans after, say 5 years can play as non-imports. Those guys would then command a premium on the market. And the CFL player's association is too weak to force the issue.

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Your heart is totally in the right place but a Canadian QB needs to attend a US school to get enough skill to play any level of pro. I can only remember 1 Ti-Cat NI QB. Was about 10 years ago and he was the 3rd string. Was released a few games into the season and never signed with anyone else that I heard of. Forget his name.. he was from Western.

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Nobody needs to develop BEHIND Chang. If Chang gets to play he'll be around for a long time. Besides we have a young gun named Richie Williams riding the pine as well.

How's Jesse Palmer's broadcasting career going?

Name one quality canadian qb that played CIS ball that could excel in any pro league.

Ben Chaptelaine (sp) was pretty good. He never got a chance but he was better than most of the 3rd stringers his first year after Mac

Pretty good for CIS. I'm not knocking CIS football at all when i say this, but; The comeptition and coaching in CIS doesn't even compare to NCAA or NCAA DII. I hate to admit but its true. I have talked to many canadian athletes that say the coaching and training they get in athletics in the NCAA is head and shoulders above what they can get here and gives them a much better chance to succeed at the pro level.

A talent is a talent no matter where you find it. There are some VERY good kids in CIS. I believe you are wrong in your assessment of the CIS in almost every aspect. I've watched NCAA div 1AA that looks worse than CIS. Yale vs Harvard was fun but hardly awe inspiring

This team needs an Italian quarterback. This team has never been more fierce and competetive than when they had an Italian leader. Coach Bruno, Mosca, DiPietro, Morreale in 98/99. Bring in the battalions! :stuck_out_tongue:

That Faulds kid at Western has the tools to possibly be a pro QB.
But I've said it before, if the CFL wanted to see some Canadian QB's in the league all they would have to do is scrap the present QB format. Allow each team to dress 20 Canadians and 22 Imports and let the coaches decide how many import QB's they will dress. My guess the third string wouldn't be an import unless they could play another position. Teams would then try and develop a Canadian QB (like Tommy Dennison). A coach IMO would rather have another import backup available for one the of import positions on his team and use the 20th Canadian as a third string QB.
I don't think we will ever see that though, but that's the only way I can see teams actually giving the Canadian kids a chance.

Mathieu Bertrand was a QB at Laval, he's playing in Edmonton.

No he's not playing QB but a good special team player and back up receiver.

don't forget Zambiasi

Frank Cosentino, wasn't he an Italian/Canadian QB?

Gerry Datillio from the Als was a good Italian QB...John Congemi wait he was an Argo.

Frank Cosentino and Gerry D'Atillio were Italian-Canadians. John Congemi was an American.

I don't think anyone thinks a QB coming directly from a CIS school could play for any CFL team. However, the point is that some probably could if given an opportunity to develop on CFL rosters. Unfortunately, teams have no incentive to do so and in fact have compelling economic reasons not to as things stand.

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And most don't believe there are many Americans that can start in the CFL straight out of college. Even HOF NFLer Warren Moon waited in the wings learning before staring when he finally got his chance

This subject has been debated quite a bit over the years on various CFL websites.

The last Canadian QB to play for Hamilton was Larry Jusdanis 1995-96. You can see him on TiCats TV on the SST Pro Tips.

I belive if there was some reward for a CFL team to carry and develop as a long term project a Canadian QB you could have seen several Canadian QBs over the years. Guys like Chris Flynn (played pro football in France), Jamie Bone (attended Dallas training camp), Jusandis and Tommy Denison IMHO had potential to play in the CFL if they could of apprenticed for a few years for a CFL team.