We need a big turn out next week

Ok all, 20,000 fans is not going to cut it next Friday. Time to show up an sell out the stadium. The team teams a full house to beat the Als. Come on. Everyone who can buy an extra ticket.

Sounds like a plan. Its time for the fans and the team to get serious about Montreal. We have taken way to many losses to these guys. Lets all do our part and bring a friend or two Friday night.
Go Cats Go!!

If not-so-good performances from the team were a reason for the disappointing turnout for the last home game, then the good performances we've seen these last two weeks should lead to a better attendance at IWS.

And the number of Ticat fans making the trip down the QEW could be an indication that attendance at next week's game could be good.

A wide-open McDaniel silenced a [b]season-high Rogers Centre gathering of 25,181[/b] at 14:53 of the third, hauling in Kevin Glenn's 34-yard TD strike to give Hamilton a commanding 20-3 lead.


And after Bruce's TD, jubilant Hamilton fans serenaded their hosts with "Argos suck" chants.


Yes, that was a season-high gathering there. You're welcome, Toronto. :wink:

Picking up our 6 tickets tomorrow for Friday nights game against Montreal.


along with our 3 season tickets - bringing along another 5 people to friday's game!

as for last friday in toronto - i would love to know how many ticat fans were actually there...
and after such a big win we should have at least 24,000 this friday, id be disappointed if we didnt.

think if we win friday, we can start selling playoff tickets two and half weeks in advance.


Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are giving fans an opportunity to kick off their Halloween celebrations early when the Ticats host the Montreal Alouettes at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Friday, October 22 presented by Nissan. Kickoff takes place at 7pm.

Fans are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes, visit the haunted house inside the stadium and collect candy outside of the stadium during ‘Halloween in TigerTown.’ A fighter jet will fly over the stadium prior to kick off while the regional winner of the Nissan Armchair Hero will be awarded a trip to Grey Cup in Edmonton.

On the field, the Ticats host the defending Grey Cup champion Montreal Alouettes in an effort to move one step closer to securing a home playoff game.

Fans can take advantage of two special ticket offers for Friday’s game by purchasing four tickets for the price of three, or $10 youth tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket. Call 905-547-CATS or visit Ticats.ca for ticket information.

....I'm tired of continually paying to help the TiCats. I already pay enough for 2 Seasons Tix, Parking & concessions. Not to mention the occassional additional tickets for the kiddies every once in awhile.

Here's an idea.....maybe "OTHER" Hamiltonians & folks from the surrounding areas might spend a buck or two....then we'd all be happy.....then again most people from around these parts really don't care as you can obviously see by the way paid attendance & game day attendance has been for the last # of years.


Tell all your friends and family to come to the game there is some great deals for season ticket holders as well !!

50% off any available seat at Ivor Wynne Stadium
Free youth ticket for children 16 and under

To buy tickets through this offer, call the Customer Service Team at 905-547-CATS (2287).

....I wonder how this makes the season ticket holders feel who has paid their fair share and then get to potentially sit beside some who paid 50% or free kids tickets........can't say I'm impressed.

I can live with it seeing as it's just one game.

As far as I can tell, this offer is only available to season ticket holders. I don’t mind that I could get more seats at an even better price, and I’m annoyed that I haven’t been able to take advantage of the offer. But if it gets more bums on the benches than otherwise, then I’m happy.

Doesn't really bother me. We had the 1970s prices at the August 7th Winnipeg game and there was the $15 seats for the Edmonton game. I paid for my tickets a long time ago. It's not even money I think about. And heck, before I had season tickets I would use these offers to my advantage. Maybe the same will be said of some people who come to the game this Friday. Worked for me.

I’m trying to muster up support, the pricing point doesn’t bother me. I mean, I’m still saving more money in the long run with season tickets. What bothers me is the lack of notice. If I had a 50% off coupon in my booklet, I would have easily been able to drum up some takers for the game.

Or season ticket holders take advantage and upgrade their seats, or a perfect chance to bring family members a cheap rate.
It works out for everyone!

Advance notice would have been nice. I'm guessing this was probably a last minute sort of thing. They advertised the Eskies game pretty far in advance (I believe that was in the booklet), so I'm guessing that this decision was made rather recently.

Judging by whats left on ticketmaster, looks like this will be the lowest crowd this year...

8) Obviously this decision was made rather recently, as you guessed !!
  I would venture to guess, that when the Cats saw the dismal pre ticket sales for this game, they decided to come up 
  with some sort of incentive to intice a few more sales !!

  As brad2332 says above, this could be a rather embarrassing crowd for tonights game.      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

   And some TiCat fans criticize Argo fans for not supporting their team ???       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

HA HA HA this is funny ... so instead of trying to attract new fans ... they try to sell tickets TO PEOPLE THAT ALREADY HAVE TICKETS