we need a 2 quarterback system in a game!

With all this talk about Jason Maas playing the way he plays and Timmy Chang playing the way he does, I conclude we need a 2 quarterback system each game.

Both Jason Maas and Timmy Chang bring different skills to the game. Jason Maas throws short and is sometimes predictable in what hes going to do wheras Timmy Chang can scramble and run and throw long passes. I think by bringing them both in during a game it would confuse the other teams defence. What do we really have to lose? Were already a 1 and 6 team and there is a chance we might not even make the playoffs so i mean lets give Timmy Chang some playing time during a game and see if we can use a dual quarterback system.


I've always been in favour of this two QB system ,if only to develop your backup a little and prevent a crisis when your big guy goes down.

Steve Milton(edit...oops) eluded to this very point last week in the Spec.

Coach Taffe had stated that he intended on going this route over a month ago ,but hasn't done it in any games after the fact.

Note, Wally Buonos success in BC and Calgary and anywhere else he might ever coach.

Note also that his backups all step in and run the offence well .

Even Buck Pierce as a raw rookie stepped up and performed well,coincidence that he is coached by Wally Buono?

No coincidence,Buono gives first string offence reps to all his QB's and it pays off on the field.

Is this rocket science or should coach Buono be hired by the CFL to give coaching seminars to all the other new and not so new CFL coaches on how to develop QB's

They can produce results and entertain fans up to their athletic abilities and past performance levels from other leagues? :cowboy:

The problem with constantly switching back and forth mid game is that it's hard to generate and keep momentum.

I like the way Taaffe has shown a shorter hook than coaches of recent years and I think his QB rotation system is fine. His choice of starter every week, well, that's another story.

No need to constantly switch back and forth ,but rather do as Charlie himself suggested .

That is set up a planned time for the other QB to enter the game for a series.

No ego wrenching decisions needed here ,it's planned and for the better of the team and the league for that matter.

The most important point is the practice reps or similar given to both the second and third QB's ala Wallys world in BC!

Let's see if I understand everybody correctly. Let's say that Chang is "scripted" to come in for a series or two at the 12:30 mark of the second quarter.

All fine and good, but Maas is putting a good drive together at that time, and is a play or two from scoring. What most of you are saying is that Change should be put in IMMEDIATELY according to the script. Most likely, Chang will be sacked or throw an INT.

Drive dead, quite possibly the opposition will score. I'm SO glad that you guys are not the coach. The first two games of the season, Taaffe had no problem pulling Maas early for Chang. The next five games have been very winnable. Maas was moving the offence well ACCORDING TO THE OFENSIVE SCHEME.

Our offence is based on a WCO scheme (oski-oui-oui has described it VERY well in earlier threads). It is a ball-control, balanced (run and pass) scheme that eats up the clock. Chang has been playing a run-and-shoot offence for the majority of his career. It takes time to learn a new system and perform up the the standards set out by the Head Coach. If and when Chang outright WINS the starter's spot from Maas, I;m more than sure that Coach Taaffe will have no problem starting him.

Good point and thats a no brainer .

Chang comes in for a series of downs sometime roughly in the second quarter at some point chosen by Charlie Taaffe.

Obviously not at a set time ,geeez!

If Chang gets it going and is entertaining the fans than he stays in as well on the next series as Jason seldom has entertained us with consistency

So you would still want a change of QB if Maas was on a roll and in a good rhythm, eating up the clock and getting good yardage? Recipe for disaster...

Charlie Taafe decides this .

Once again a no brainer,no. then we do not change .

But Jason Mass is not meant to be a solo QB ,he has thrived under a two QB system in Edmonton and I feel he needs this change of pace as do the fans and for sure his team mates.....

If we were winning and Jason was playing like a starter that would be different.

Just do it Charlie ...

Sigpig you're getting a little ridiculous. You're arguing for arguing's sake. You obviously don't pull Maas if things are going well, you let him stay in. But if we aren't doing much on offence, you put Chang in there for a series to shake things up and see what he can do. Also, Maas isn't executing the game plan because I'm pretty sure that part of the plan is to score points, and lots of them.

Maas has not been on a role all year. Our 1-6 record is indicative of his inconsistent play. There has been more than enough opportunity to give Chang some meaningful playing time but for some strange reason anyone who coach's this team sinks or swims with the veteran QB. I can't see any reason you would not start or rotate a young QB with a rocket arm, es capability and an outstanding resume instead of a struggling veteran with a suspect arm and a 1-6 record. Is 1-6 not a disaster.

This happens so infrequently as to make this situation merely hypothetical. Anyway, I think fans are suggesting a 2 QB system as a possible means of getting Chang into some games since Taafe seems so reluctant to start him over Maas. Of course one winning QB would be ideal but I don't think anyone could say that we have that at the moment.

I'll go further and say that even if the Cats win the next game with Maas at QB, most fans will still want to see Chang or Williams. We've seen what Maas brings to the table week after week and it simply isn't good enough, often enough. The odd good series and maybe some points sandwiched between a lot of mediocre play and the occasional win sandwiched between multiple losses.

No, the team is not set at every other position but QB seems to be one where there are options.

An Argo-Cat fan

Is part of the WCO scoring 15 points a game and losing week in and week out? Is that a basic principle of it? Hmmm
Why do you "Chang-bashers" have him throwing INT's and getting sacked? Can you not at least admit the obvious---you DO NOT KNOW what will/would happen if he played!! YOU DO NOT KNOW.
We DO KNOW what happens when Maas starts. WE LOSE. THIS IS A FACT. The games were winnable and Maas failed to win them. Had Chang played and your doomsday prediction of him failing came true, we would be no worse off. We can go no lower than last place. At least we would have a young QB learning for the future.
I do not think he will fail. But like you....I don't know because he doesn't start.

You make me laugh Sigpig,you are defending a mediorce Qb at best and with a 1 and 6 record this year, and for your sake l will not even bring up his record last year.Jason Maas has done nothing in his black and gold uniform to warrant any defnding or even more playing time .You are defending the worst performing Qb in the league and you are not even willing to see what Chang or even Williams can do with the same supporting cast.We won one game so far this year and that was because of 2 factors ,number 1 Jesse Lumsden 's sensational running game,this took a lot of pressure of Maas and number 2 ,our recievers made some spectacular catches off some poor throws.I will say it again Jason Maas plays well enough for him to stay in the game ,but the end result on which everything else should be measured is our win / loss record!!!!!!

So you would still want a change of QB if Maas was on a roll and in a good rhythm, eating up the clock and getting good yardage? Recipe for disaster...
Sigpig I don't think you realize that the Cats are 1-6 and Maas has done practically nothing. I don't get this allegiance to a guy that has done nothing for two years. He shows a spark and we have to leave him in. He shows little sparks all the time and that's why we're losing. Show me a flame that can stay on longer than a few series of plays and I might be impressed.

No he doesn't realize that -he likes to pretend that Maas has been running the WCO as smooth as Joe Montana all year.

Well...more like Tony Montana after the split with Sosa. LMAO :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

The constant and never-ending uncertantly at the QB position has been the prime reason for the team's failures for years in my opinion. It's draining the life-blood out of the team and will continue to do so until it gets sorted out once and for all.

The talent pool on the rest of the team matters little when the QB position is so unstable......we saw this last year when -on paper- we were predicted to win the Grey Cup by all the experts.....and many of us fans.

Between last year and this year, we have only 5 wins out of 24 attempts....

I believe the problem is simple to identify.

It goes like this:

The majority of time the past few years has been focused on how to get the QB motivated and inspired to perform (even to the point that the Edmonton Eskimo coach was calling our QB on the phone all the time during last season) .......when in fact, the reverse should be true....ie: it's usually the QB who is supposed to do the inspiring for the rest of the team to follow and feed off of.

I see this quality built into Timmy Chang and I saw the same thing in Kevin Eakin.....both of whom could be hugely successful in the CFL if managed correctly.

I like Maas, don't get me wrong, but there's something terribly awry here when it seems like the entire team, coaches and fans are always uncertain as to how his mechanics and emotional state are doing game to game......kind of like crossing our collective fingers and saying....."here's hoping things will change this game."

Well, in the bigger picture, a championship team isn't built that way because it erodes at the chemistry and confidence and results in players withdrawing into themselves as we saw last year especially.

I liken the QB to a -distributor cap- on an engine....it controls the spark and gets it going in eight different directions at once....but if it is not working correctly, the car runs like crap even though all the other parts are trying hard to compensate and are ready to do the job.

Well, those are just my opinions and observations and just the way I feel about things....your's may differ.

The constant and never-ending uncertantly at the QB position has been the prime reason for the team's failures for years in my opinion.
Mikey, shall I remind you of the Danny Mac story? He was the starter no matter what, even when we were losing. The coaches were so stubborn they never pulled him. The stability with Danny Mac at QB didn't result in more success, it just resulted in more of the same. Losing.

Let's change that philosophy now and see what Timmy Chang's got.

its impossible to play pro football is dual QB package system, this isnt university of florida and NCAA where can you have a pocket passer like chris leak, and option-qb like tebow, guys get banged up too much, and defenses are much more confusing on the pro level, pro defenses run various schemes, packages, stunts, coverage blitzes, zone dawgs, that confuses the QB.