We must get off to a good start!!!!!

Tonight in this heat and humidity,our team better come out firing on all cylinders and that means Jason Maas !Our team cannot afford to just get fieldgoals ,we need touchdowns and lots or else it is going to turn ugly real fast.So Coach Taffe ,if Our starting QB Jason comes out flat like he has done since he came here from Alberta than PLEASE give Timmy Chaang or Ritchie Williams a chance ,that is all l want to see.I will be there but l want to see my team do all they can to WIN us a game no more excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you really need to post the same thread 3 times?

This post might have been more appropriately named, "We Need to FINISH Well Tonight."

At any rate albo51, I agree with everything you've said.

Oskie wee wee!

P.S. If your doctor ever instructs you to take a "downer," read one of "zenstate"s" posts. This guy is so pessimistic, he'll have you in the deep depths of negativity and bleakness in no time.

I asked a question..

I apologize if I seemed rude. I assure you that if you look through my posts most are quite positive.

Sorry to offend if I did.

What is the sound of one eye reading?