We Might not need Cates back too early!!

did you see the guy named Charles?


this guy made an impression on me!

he's got speed, quickness, big moves!

I wouldn't be too scared if this guy can keep this going! Cates is good but we don't need to rush him back if Charles can play like this!

Stu Foord can play. Neil Hughes can play. Hugh Charles can play.

Cates is more versitile, but I agree, now that we're in the playoffs, we want Cates to be on his game later rather than sooner.

But we do still miss his presence. Hughes had some nice receptions out of the backfield, but Cates is still better in the open field.

I'm actually a little disappointed they didn't even give Hughes or Foord a real shot. They eased Charles in tonight and Cates should be back next week. I think them not handing the ball off at all last week and then going with Charles says a lot about how confident they feel with the Canadian backfield.

I’m with you zbest…I’d rather have Cates for the playoffs than the regular season, if he could be available only for one of the two seasons.

the thing is, that Charles looks a lot like Logan with the way he runs and shuck and jives there.

they need to take a serious look at him. cause A: he's only 22 and B: he could be cheaper to pay for.

how old is Cates?

Cates is 28 or 29. Charles won't supplant Cates this season simply because Cates catches the ball so well out of the backfield and is a pretty good blocker.

It was one game and what, 6 or 7 touches? While they were good touches, way too early to even consider as a replacement for Cates. It's just not enough of a sample size to be passing judgment. Not to say it is wrong to be considering that, but call it the exploratory/development stages, not the serious consideration for replacement stage.

One thing about these injuries is that it has given some of our younger players a chance to develope more quickly then they might otherwise have. It sure looks good for the future of the Green and White.

ET said this on Riderville. Cates probably not playing in Calgary. He must be hurt worse than Riders are saying. I liked what Charles did last week. Hughes to. Wish they would get ball to Foord more. With Foord and Hughes and Charles and Szarka Riders will be ok. Good backs.

Justin Beaver signed with the Riders, as well.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Beaver http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvwEDDib3k8 http://www.profootball.scout.com/2/749122.html