We meet again... Evil Empire vs. Montreal!!!

I can't wait for this game, its' gonna be really exciting. I see it being a close game, not decided by more than one TD. May the best team win!!!! GO ESKS!

I'm a Lions fan but do you know what, for the Grey Cup, I'm officially a Alouettes fan!!! I hate the Eskimos. Go Als Go!!!!!

lol your so bitter, hey i'd be too if my team lost 6 of there last 7 and lost in the west finals for home field advantage for the Grey Cup.. but hey, you can always blame the refs huh.

2002 all over again baby! GO ALS!!!!


Congrats on your victory, lert's get the cup! and AVENGE THE EXPOS!!!!!

Its unbelievable that is has come down to this again going into he season i doubt many people saw this as the grey cup matchup but it all boils down to the als and the esks. Calvillo vs Ray, Mitchell vs Vaughn, Tucker vs Watkins, and Phillion vs Montford. This will be one hell of a grey cup

Oh man, Terry Vaughn will up it up a big notch to beat his ex-team.

I'm so happy. This is a great day to be an Alouettes fan. And probably to be an Esks fan too.

I'm so happy the Alouettes season is not over. I thank the football Gods for having the birds play for as long as possible.

Fans of other teams may gnash their teeth, but there's nothing quite like Montreal vs. Edmonton in the Grey Cup. Our D has me believing again in Don Matthews and I think A.C. is due for a big game. But this one is going to be extremely tough. Montford and co. are going to be difficult to stop but I believe our boys can it get done. O-line, hold steady, give A.C. time to make his reads, and Vaughn, Cahoon, Stala and Watkins will rise to the occasion. GO ALS GO!

see i liek you ALS .... good luck guys , i dont mind losing toy ou guys if we do, WHITCH WE WONT

as an Esks fan I say go esks. Congrats to Montreal though in making it again, looking forward to a good game! May the best team win.

The Als are taking the Cup GUARANTEED.

The als are gonna take it all cuz the esk suck

StephenMandel has obviously never felt the power of the DARK SIDE

All the als fans saying the "esks suck" have now felt the power of the dark side. ESKS RULE!


WHAT A GAME!!! :shock: :smiley:

But MONTREAL should still be proud…it could have gone either way. :wink:

still the 2005 East Division Champs though!
Montreal has played in 9 of the last 10 East finals.

And in the last 8 years Toronto has a winning percentage of 48.6% and has won one Grey Cup in there only appearance, to go along with some truly pathetic teams to watch.

In the last 8 years, Montreal has a winning percentage of 66.7% and has won one Grey Cup in 4 appearances, to go along with some outstanding teams to watch!

Wow great game by both teams. Never seen a grey cup quiet like that. Congrats to both teams on a great season and tough loss al's. Way to come back though.

Must feel rotten to be an Als fan right now, but it was anyone's game.

That was the best Grey Cup to watch since 1989.

And the fact that both Edmonton and Montreal are consistent contenders strengthens my opinion that they are the two best-ran organizations in the CFL.

montreal sucks saskatchewan rules

edmonton is pretty good too

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