We MAY have Salary Cap problems

MILTON: Ticats dressing two quarterbacks to save salary cap space

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will likely dress only two quarterbacks for the rest of the season, rather than the three permitted by CFL roster rules.
That’s a rare approach in a league where three quarterback spots are protected on the 46-man active roster and a roster spot at another position is not freed up when a quarterback is dropped.

So, with that uncommon decision the Ticats don’t gain any game-day roster advantage.
But they do gain a salary-cap advantage.

By moving No. 3 quarterback Bryant Moniz to the practice roster where players are paid less, the team will save cap space they can utilize elsewhere. That would most likely be at wide receiver where they’ve been hammered by injuries: season-enders to Chris Williams and Jalen Saunders; and game-to-game status for Brandon Banks, who’s missed two straight weekends, and Terrence Toliver who was hurt Saturday night in B.C.
Head coach June Jones confirmed to The Spectator that he plans to dress only two quarterbacks—starter Jeremiah Masoli and his backup Dane Evans– for the remaining five games of the regular season. Should both the top pivots be injured in the same game, receiver Felix Faubert-Lussier, who is also the back-up kicker, would go under centre. He was the No. 3 quarterback in B.C. Saturday night.
“I told Faubie we’d get him a package (of plays),? Jones told The Spec. “And Luke (Tasker) also knows all the plays and where everybody is on the field.?
Most NFL teams use only two active quarterbacks and Ticats’ research shows that over the last four CFL seasons, in less than one per cent of the games has a third quarterback had to play because of injury to the other two. If he’s on the field, it’s usually been for short-yardage situations or as the holder on field goals, neither of which apply to Moniz. Tasker is the holder, with Evans filling in when he’s been hurt, and Masoli has generally worked short-yardage downs himself.

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I thought that if a player was moved to the 6 game IL, then his salary no longer counted against the cap? Would that not include Williams, Saunders, and now Green? Although some of the reports I read have hinted that maybe Saunders and Green could return before 6 games, so maybe that is why the team is trying to save space?

We need some of the Chris Jones wizardry to maintain a large pool of potential players, but not exceed the cap.

I wouldn’t say we have cap problems. The team is being proactive in finding new ways to reduce their cap amount which will benefit us as the season goes on. As the article states, rearely if ever does a team need its 3rd QB to go into the game. So why not bench him and save his salary that can be used at a later time on a more important position.

If they come off the 6-game early, then their full salary counts against the cap.

Last night, I posted The Inactivity…, asking why the Cats were not signing any recent NFL cuts to replace our injured guys. This thread has the answer. Our team is broke.

Or perhaps they're scrimping now so they have the cap room to bring in a high-priced receiver (or bring someone off the six-game IL early).

not really, we can bring in NFL cuts to the PR and replace guys like Addison and Ryan, but honestly what's the point unless they believe they're that much better.

People are acting like we have zero depth. Our backups essentially travelled across the country and played until 2am, and won the game against a great home team. It was our coach that decided he didn't feel like getting the 2 points. Can we bring in an NFL cut for him?

To suggest that we have salary cap problems is just speculation/opinion, not fact (like 99% of everything posted on this forum).

Wake up, sitting on hands etc.

You are correct, I have changed the title, Thanks for correcting.

In the past, when people have said that releasing an inexperienced player (i.e. probably making close tot he minimum) is done for salary cap reasons, I have joked that this is only the case if we decide to play a man short. You know, because the replacement player will also draw a paycheque.

I didn’t think the team would actually start fielding a roster below the allowable maximum. But here we are.

If that’s not a cap issue, then someone just loves being super-frugal when they don’t really need to be.

Didn't the 3rd string QB be the guy to send the play signals to the QB or fake ones before the invention of the headset and microphones and speakers in the QB's helmet?
They would wear a red beanie on their helmet to make it easier for the QB to see him on the sidelines
There isn't that much need for that guy on the bench anymore.

I’m kinda surprised that Jones didn’t announce that we’re not going to carry a kicker on the active roster the rest of the season . I mean it would make perfect sense wouldn’t it being that Jones doesn’t seem to like kicking the ball anyways . :PWe can just have Lussier do kick-offs and then regardless of yardage and where we are on the field instead of punting and field goals we’ll just gamble whenever we’re at 3rd down the rest of the season . ::slight_smile:

Funny you mention Jones eliminating Lirim. On a somewhat related topic with all the analytics introduced in sports and with the PAT moved back i wonder if it would make statistical sense to go for 2 points every time?
Make it 51% of the time and you score more points. More points=better.

It does. It always did. With the PAT moved back further and the 2pt convert from closer now, it makes even more sense.

Studies have been done, too lazy to google them, sorry y’all

Yup. the average is 60% or so, which is also why the decision to punt was stupid. All it did was take their percentage chance of tying the game (if they actually scored) from 85% or so to 60% or so…

Good call, CFiO. The coach basically said so in his media session today, Sept. 28th. If you listen to what he said, (video available on the main page here) I think we can guess that receiver is McDaniel.

I was actually hoping for a different player (cough Sinkfield cough), but McDaniel works too.