we may have found our TE again?

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Peters takes a lot of crap but this was a good article. I would like to see Thomas back with the cats and if used properly could be very effective. at worst we can add to our sp teams with his aggressive play.

I had to find a job. I had bills to pay," Thomas recalled. He started working as a sales rep for a Hamilton wire and cable distributor, where he remains employed.
Great article....

I was surprised one day to hear Ray's voice on the other end of the phone saying he's my new account manager at my cable supplier.

We chat endlessly about all things Tiger-Cats everytime I have to pick up supplies and I can tell everyone right now that he is totally committed to getting back on the turf and is in great shape...

I've seen first hand his progress and it's amazing to say the least.
He told me a month ago that he finally got down to Balsam St., as the article reports, and I was sooooooo happy for him that he took that step.

I can say categorically that his heart is tattooed with a Tiger and he'd be a good asset to have in that locker room again.....and he was always active in the community with the team and was an avid supporter of our fan events we organized...

Best of Luck to Ray!....hope to see you wearing the black and gold again shortly and I'm happy to see the support your current work-mates give you.....what a great bunch they are huh?

(any good deals on Cat5e today Ray?) ...these current copper prices are killing me! :wink:

Your right mikey this signing sounds like a no brainer if hes healthy.

This kid is a difference maker in the run game and I would love to see more of him. Marcel says the TE is extinct, but given our lame ground game last year we could use all the help we could get. Having said that, if there is any chance that his life is at risk... not a chance.

te,s are extinct in cfl, unless they can stay in for every down, otherwise the d knows the plays. if the t.e is platooned. A good fullback does the t.e duties just as well.

then who plays fullback. not to mention i think you are just as versatile using the te at fb. when ray was here he was a back up fb and started in the te sets.

re-nwo, agreed- it was a real problem for barrisey(SP ,when rey got hurt, and imo he could have done alot against the tweeners on cfl d,s- But as i wrote platooning tips of the D, maybe they could look at tradeing radlin, while he still has some value

The FB does not strech the box horizontally like a TE, and it does not require LBs to honour their drops like a TE. A TE can push LBS off the ball to throw crossing routes underneath and also sit in holes. FBs only threaten the flat, they can't go vertical, and they can't rrunthe rock. I'll take a TE over a FB anyday.

good point. wouldnt you think having cdns like radlien thomas and lumsden in the b field and on the team give us lots of canadian depth. what would you want to get for radlien or what do you think is available. maybe an o lineman? i dont know but i like radlien. however a healthy thomas and the right oc could really be a interesting problem for teams.

i just hope all this press doesnt wake up any other teams from grabbing him. is he still under ticat rule or is he technically a free agent? he could be a steal.

re-a t.c trade- ticats are week up the middle, centre, nt, mlb, and safety, every position a team needs to be strong to be a contender, -- and dont forget aido(sp- who is better than hes been used for, imo covert this nonimport talent to d.

If Ray is in good health, I don't see why not. I have always felt he can play and his size will help our running game pound up the field.

Oski Wee Wee,

One thing the Spec didn’t mention was the miraculous healing of the scar from surgery…it was pretty ghastly but right now you can’t even see a trace of it…so if that is an indication of Ray’s healing powers, welllll

It is true that he just couldn’t bear to go to any Ticats games as a spectator as he soooooo wanted to be out there playing…trust me, I tried endlessly to sneak him in incognito if need be…he’s stubborn! :lol: …hahaha (but it’s that same stubborness which tells me he WILL see the field again I’m sure…I just hope it’s with us!)

-----over and out-----got work to go to myself. :cowboy:

the more i think about it sign this kid and do it now. i want to buy a thomas 89 jersey. you have to admire this kids toughness. true hamiltonian

I'd have him signed by end of business tomorrow......you gotta see the shape this guy is in....it's astounding....

....I know his surgeon is awesome and he'll get the go ahead from both him and the MRI....(thats's my prediction anyhow)

....well, here's hoping anyhow cause Ray is a total gamer....and really wants in that locker room like nobody I've ever seen.....

non import, talent on Offence TiCats are laoded , and Considering that there is a limited amount of top level Cis grads, IMO a good player such as Aido or Thomas could do good playing Defence?

Is there anything worse than a jock who can't see the writing on the wall? Just head out to pasture and become a personal trainer, for crying out loud.

nice post. are you serious. and where is the writing on the wall? the kid is 28 with a degree from wake im pretty sure.

Looking at Ray Thomas making a comeback I think of the hockey Player Gary Roberts who suffered what was thought to be a carreer ending neck injury,something like a broken neck.
Yet Gary refused to read the writing on the wall,he works harder than anyone at conditioning and strength .Then returned to the NHL better than ever.
Ray Thomas can do the same thing at only 28 yrs.,heres hoping you make it Ray !
That said ....football is alot harder on the neck area than Hockey is!

Loved the TEnd position. I loved the way that it kept the defences alert as well as provided some extra blocking for surprise plays. Now I see that our new GM thinks that it's extinct.

Maybe it's just that I'm an older man and that I have Tommy-Joe on my Jersey.