We Made Yahoo Sports!

Ok, so it's not the greatest honour but it's rare that you see the CFL on a gossip site like Yahoo, which reaches the masses. Unfortunately, it wasn't in praise of the wonderful turn around our team has had. Apparently, drunken high wire acts are more interesting. But at least the Cats got a little publicity. The really odd thing is they put it in the NFL section. I guess the world really does revolve around the No Fun League.

Edit: It is featured on the front page of yahoo as well, which is what first surprised me, not that it was in the sports section :lol: .

[url=http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Video-Man-climbs-to-the-top-of-goalpost-during-?urn=nfl,191555]http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shu ... nfl,191555[/url]

Yes I saw it over 72,000 hits and climbing probably the most popular vid associated with the Ticats of all- time. You can't buy that kind of publicity lol. Got my camera ready for tonight's game!

It was also on 'Hot Clicks" on SI.com a couple days ago

Over 100,000 now. I think that's pretty damn cool.

So everyone's proud that there is coverage of the Bozo climbing the goal post? no football or Ticat coverage at all. If this guy hadn't climbed the goal post there would be no CFL coverage on Yahoo sports!

so this is the way to showcase the CFL??

It's better then nothing is it not? This will get some heads turned towards to the CFL and many Americans changing their views from " pfft, do they even know what a football is in Canada?" to "Man! The CFL is a great game and those fans are rabid! I'll have to make the trip up there one day to watch a game!"
The guy didn't do the smartest thing but it has heads turned to the Cat's and the CFL, and he was a fan only in danger of harming himself, it's not like we're getting exposure for a mass murder at IWS or a player that got arrested for one reason or another. A rabid, die-hard, drunk fan risked his life or at least his ability to walk to get the crowd going and he got that and more. Mission successful if you ask me.

Nope,,,just something funny and rare that happened at Ivor Wynne. The planets aligned and everything worked out for some very funny video.

And, everyone I've shown it to has thought it was funny as hell. Sorry you are such a downer about this. What was that town Ned Flanders moved to again??

If it gets the cfls name out there ya...

If nobody did stupid thing's there would be no America's funniest home videos. There would be no failblog. There would be no stupid videos on MSN.com. There would be nothing on thereifixiedit.com
Thank god for stupid people, and this guy is just one of them,

But we don't want the name out there "Bush League", you want the Name Out There because of football not because of some drunken jerks in a Hick Town!!

Did you read the comments under the video, none of them called the cfl bush most people thought it was pretty funny.

I think they were more amazed about our ability as Canadians to handle the stronger beer alcohol content

Please Note- that the Ti cats Tiger logo was at the end of the video, AND it was mentioned on today's Q 107 morning show :thup: , a Ti cat Fan Fernando was a phone in contestant. :thup: How about promoting the CFL with some positive P.R :thup:

Man, I wish there was something as entertaining tonight. All Americans are hicks anyways.