Just wanted to say we love you riders and I am one fan who is so proud of this team, a team who has battled through alot and went up against the montreal giants and exposed and embarassed them unfortunalty things didnt go our way. Congrats to the Als and Congrats to the Riders I still BLEED GREEN and I still love this province and this amazing team. RIDERS NEVER DIE

p.s. please keep this thread positive do your junk talk somewere else please

well said...great game..great season.hold your heads high riders were proud of you
from a die hard rider fan in Edmonton

This is the beginning of a long playoff run like we had in the Lancaster years. I can only hope that we can pick up a few more cups than Ronnie was able to get . Can't wait until next year, only 7 months to go

Dear Mr. Tillman,

Sign Durant long-term.

That is all.

There is absolutely no shame in rider nation. Our team showed up big time and did us and themselves proud!


thanks for the season
We were picked 4th and showed the world we have a good young team
This will make us stronger for next year
Wish Duval would hit first fg attempt,it wouldnt hurt as much
but we are proud of our team and i am looking forward to next year

i wish i lived in Regina to welcome the boys home


According to the experts we weren't even supposed to be in the game. We played with passion but it just wasn't quite enough yesterday. I feel bad but I feel worse for the guys and coaches on the team after the season that we had - to lose like we did - brutal. Ken Miller is the guy to be able to turn this loss into a positive going into next season. I'm wearing my Rider gear to work today - unfortunately I can't get away to Taylor Field for the welcome. Great season Riders - thanks for the memories and looking forward to another exciting season next year.

I strongly second your comments, RND, and join you in congratualing the team on an outstanding season of professional football. The Riders gave us fans and the entire CFL some of the very best games both during the regular season and in the play-offs. The Riders are still the Western Division Champions. We will come back in 2010, the 100th anniversary of the team, to even greater glory. Well done, Riders. My pride in you will never, ever die.

A die-hard Rider fan from BC.

From a huge lions fan on the west coast,congrates on a great season.we were pulling for you guys out here believe it or not.better luck next year to the greatest fans in the cfl.you guys are what this great league is about.keep it up

Great season for the Riders, thanks for all the exciting games this year. You did the province proud.

for all those hoping next year is more exciting, I can't say I agree with you there. my heart can't take that much 2 years in a row. Here's hoping next year includes some blow out wins and alot of mop-ups for the second stringers!

It was a terrific season, and I was quite proud of the team.

Good job you guys. I wish I could've made it back in time for the welcoming home event. I was there in spirit at least.