We lost a good player...

At least for now. Éric Deslauriers the Als first round draft pick from last year signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am a little disappointed because our team lost a talented Wide receiver with size and decent speed. He is also a local guy. But, he will get a chance to make it in the NFL, with all of the perks (money and so forth) that comes with being in the NFL.
So, although I am a little disappointed (team wise), I wish him the best of luck.
I still think Popp's strategy of drafting the best player (regardless of NFL ambitions or not) is the way to go. Can't wait to see tomorrow's draft!

I hear ya. I had high hopes to see him in the Als camp when I heard that he had not been drafted. Oh well, not wish him any ill-will but if it doesn't work out with the Steelers, we may see him yet.