We left too many coulda, woulda, shouldas on the field!

This is purely pre-emptive. :wink:

Porter arguably has had 3 TDs dropped at the time of writing, but if you do want to keep up with the torches and pitchforks, trump that! LOL

Fortunately, the Cats are still in this (10:20 left in the fourth)…


We almost haad that thing happen when that stuff was almost at the whatchamacallit!!

The Butterfly Effect is for SCHNOOKS re professional team sports. For me, what do you do when the game is IN THE BALANCE (usually late in the contest). We shut the Stamps down late, made plays when the game was on the line offensively and defensively and GOT IT DONE.

Winning the Grey Cup ugly never hurt teams that shouldn't have been there and got it done.

We're still at the stage to develop the habit. We need to get to the dance. If we can hang with Montreal and Calgary, BUCKLE UP FOLKS!

Oski Wee Wee,


Absolutely. Nice feeling isn't it?

Score shoulda been 37-3 if there was no flukey plays, Calgary was outplayed big time.

Hopefully this game will shut up those who think we should continue to treat this season like it's some kind of develop young players and not play to win year.

Both teams had their share of drops. So if we count ours for potential points (37?) I would probably give Calgary that Ralph drop in the endzone.

We also had a missed pass interference call where the Calgary defender severely violated bruce making him unable to catch the ball in the endzone. Shoulda could woulda, but a wins all that matters.

Seems the Cats won tonight while treating it like a develop young players and play to win at the same time. That is as it should be :rockin: