We know we have work to do...

Thanks to everyone who has posted here today. We appreciate all the passion displayed by our members whether you think you saw progress last night, or whether you are ready to turn in your seasons tickets.

Without the passionate support of our fans (customers) we wouldn't be working so hard on all aspects of your club.

The only recurring comment in the debates in these forums I'd like to address is the thought that we are not working very hard to improve all aspects of this club.

While it could be argued that we were only one or two plays away from being 2-1 instead of 0-3, it would not have changed our recognition of how far we have yet to go to be a consistent Grey Cup contending team.

We've taken too many penalties, we've missed too many field goals, we've made too many poor coaching play selection decisions, we've even chosen the wrong colour uniform pants on occasion.

We will not make changes for the sake of making changes to please our critics whether in the media or on these forums. We will continue to make the changes that we believe will make the Tiger-Cats a better football team. And I will take responsibility for those decisions and for the progress, or lack thereof, of the team.

In the meantime you are welcome to (and I have no doubt you will) continue to post your ideas about what we are doing right and wrong. We read them all.

We will continue to work evenings and weekends to build a team you can be proud supporting.

As always, thanks for your passionate support of the Tiger-Cats.

Cheers, Bob.

wheres Cavil?

and why is boreham still on the team ( if your gonna keep him, let maas be his holder )?

these are my only 2 concerns.


YOU should be demanding answers regarding our defence and our FG kicking.

These two matters need addressing...today.

These WOULD NOT be changes for the sake of making changes. They would be changes that would improve our club's fortunes.

yeh, cavils a thousand yard reciever.. either use him, or trade him for a quality db! or corner!

Why get rid of Boreham? Cause he had one bad game? Get over it. If it wasn't for his 9 points last night the Tiger-Cats would of been out of that game, yes it would of been nicer to have had the other 4 he missed. But thats football.

For what it is worth Bob, there's lots on the menu to be addressed but...
To maintain Boreham as the starting kicker is indefensible.
It is unfair for the other members of the team to have the fortunes of the game rest on him when he has shown time and time again to be utterly unreliable.
If he is not released or at least benched by the game next week the Hamilton Tiger Cats cannot consider themselves serious about winning.

r u kidding me?..maybe because hes missed atleast 1 field goal every game, and 0-3 last week.

imagine playoffs, down by 2 with 2 seconds left on the clock, and 42 yards away…boreham comes on the field…

thats a loss fursure, u might as well take a knee.

aren’t u tired of watching kickers from everyother team kick 5 for 5, while boreham goes 0-3?..prefontaine hits from 52 yards in winnipeg, and boreham misses from 18 in toronto.

the ticats have passed on d’angelis, pikula, and congi all for faith in boreham.

if boreham didnt push that 40 yarder wide last nite, the ticats have a ‘W’…a 40 yarder which, any other kicker in the league, woulda hit!

Here's the kind of post I was refering to. Just because we do something you disagree with does not mean this team "is not serious about winning".

We may not be very good at it (yet) but every single member of this organization is serious about winning.

So you are welcome to criticize any decision or aspect of the organization you like, but please save gratuitous insults for our rivals. :wink:

i fail to see an insult in that post.

There was no insult intended but if you see it as one I apologize.

But to continue to field players who can no longer peform reliably, which Boreham so obviously is, what other conclusion can a fan come to? How can an organization expect blind faith and healthy ticket sales?
Surely no organization sets out to lose but what is wrong some cold-blooded decision making such as cutting players who dont make plays.?

To accuse a professional sports team of "not being serious about winning" is about the worst insult imaginable.

Suggesting bad things about our parentage, our IQ's, or even our personal grooming pales in comparison.

With all due respect Mr. Young you have read far worse than that directed at you in here.
Please read above post.

Regarding Bobs committments regarding the team in general is not being questioned for the most part, BUT I think as a owner and a businessman he has to look at the COACHES not the players right now --- what is Marshalls record as coach of the cats and what is Powpows record at coaching and where is Kavis Reed from ??? :?

Bob (caretaker) I Live in Barrie and in the dark days of 2-16 I still come down to Hamilton to see the games even if it was on tv. Why some may ask, I love the ticats this team is going in the right direction. As ticat fans we have the right to complan, but lets remember after a neg comment always leave a positive to build on.Thanks Bob

Name one CFL kicker that has went 5-5 this year, I don’t see any other kicker besides Calagary’s and maybe Macalom who I could say I trust to make every kick.

It is good to see the passion in the fans on this site: if fans become indifferent, then we really have to worry !

Last night he makes ONE kick and Hamilton wins and the landscape of the team is dramatically altered.
He misses out on nine points the week before.
He misses an 18 yarder the week before that in a close game.
In 05 he was barely over 70%
In 04 he wasnt even 60%

How can you seriously consider yourself comitted to winning by maintaing this level of unreliabilty if not incompetence?

congi went 4 for 4 last week. prefontaine went 3 for 3 last week.
d'angilis went 3 for 3 last nite.

in other words, they are 100%...something boreham cannot do!

well..you just named 2/8. 25%

re-count...3 outta 8

and i forgot duval hit 3 for 3 against hamilton last week.

so thats 4 outta 8.

oh oh...mccallums kicking 100% on the year, as well.

AND troy westwood went 3 for 3 last week against toronto.