We held onto....

....Duncan O'Mahoney?!

...did I miss something?....Was Dales that shaky that keeping Dunc was necessary?....trade bait for the future?...

Do not know what is going on there but that is rather stupid if you as me. Duncan did nothing to get a job here. So that might be a good question for Ted to asnswer at gostampsgo.

Did they cut Dales?????

O'Missy wasn't sharing some of that BC Bud with Management, was he?

No Dales is still here but what the heck is Barker doing? Is he hanging onto him because there maybe someone interested in Omissy! Trade amybe coming up after a couple of games.

I dont think you can cut a guy if he's injured, and
i think right now Duncans got a strained back.

I would image as soon as he gets a clean bill of health
he'll be either traded or released.

YEs you are right it seems there are two teams that could use him after watching the Eskie vs bomber game. Both those kickers were bad in every sense of the word. Just maybe a draft chocie could pry O'missy out of our locker room. :lol: :lol: :lol: Heck even O'missy is better then those two.

He shouldn't be lifting those bales of BC bud by himself! :wink:

But it looks like Pikula is better than all three. :wink:

Ah yes and why is he better because Wally the car salesman told you it was Porche and really you got a smart car.

Well the old Edsel looks like it's on it's last leg, and we are enviromentally friendly now.

Yup out with Troy Deadwood and in with a smart car!

All I remember is heckling Dales in Regina during halftime for putting one strait into the bars lmao! ...not between