We have to laugh at ourselves.....

One great thing about the internet is looking up funny stuff that others write on blogs about the CFL.....

Americans crack me up mostly because they have such a sharp sense of humour :

This blog made me chuckle :lol:

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One Of The Few Advantages To Being A CFL Fan Over An NFL Fan: You Can Steal The QB’s Helmet If He Sucks
July 10th, 2007 · 2 Comments

click here and go to the third story... :cowboy:

Any other funny stuff about us on the web you can find?

From the article:

“At least that’s the case for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (doesn’t that sound a little redundant; what’s next, the Sacramento King-Presidents?)”

What do you expect, the author is American.

Every American I know refers to Tuna as Tuna Fish.

Now that’s redundant.

I thought I was the only one that found tuna fish redundant. As opposed to tuna dog??

Or Tuna Piano.

soda pop!

I once heard a Louisiana lawyer say this exact phrase. "Let me axe y'all a question."

Rick Mercer has it right.

I know one thing...you can't tuna fish.

8) It's soda, not soda pop !!!!!! :wink:

Personally.. I find nothing funny about that article mikey... to me it depicts the CFL as a bush league league, this clown writer is having a laugh at our league's expense, and you find this humorous??

Ask the same questions to the average Canadian on the street and see what happens.