We Have To Get Some QB's In This League

Where have all the quaterbacks gone? This Argos Ticats game is painful to watch because of the total ineptitude of the QB's.
Hamilton can't decide who they want to play during the game, because both are awful. While Toronto's Cody Pickett does nothing to inspire the offense. Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and maybe BC have good QB's. The rest of the teams are hit and miss. And that hurts the entertainment value of the league in my opinion.

You're actually going to put Buck Pierce and Jarius Jackson in the same category as AC, Ricky Ray, and Henry Burris? Bye-bye credibility! :smiley:

I see nothing wrong with tonight's game. Both defences have shown up to play tonight. Not every game is going to be a barn-burner. Ordinarily I hate defensive football, but I'm actually enjoying this game.

Keep in mind there are a lot of new QBs in the league this season. Darian Durant, Cody Pickett, Quinton Porter... these guys are all new. You have to give them time to develop.

I'm talkin' about guys who can complete the odd pass. Peirce was pretty good last year. He's been hurt this year. Give em time to develop? How long do these guys need? And there's nobody out there out of the thousands of football players that can play a decent QB position. This Argos game tonight is downright boring. Its not even over and I've turned it off.

I'm a CFL fan without a team. You're not gonna keep me watching games if they continue to be as boring as several I've seen this year. Hopefully Edmonton Calgary will be better. I say it will, because they ahve people who can actually complete a pass. But this league has too many teams with lousy QB's.

How long do these guys need? Durant, Pickett, and Porter just started playing regularly LAST SEASON! What do you want to do, give them 6 games and then junk them? A little patience maybe? :expressionless:

If you turned the game off, then that's your loss. Robertson scored a late TD, and then Toronto went for the 2-point convert to make the lead 7 points. The pressure was on Glenn to march the ball down the field. After a few big throws, he ran it into the endzone. The game is tied with 25 seconds left. You're missing an exciting one.

What can i do? I watched the whole third quarter and half of the fourth. It put me to sleep. I almost switched to the baseball game. Thats how dull this game was.

Judging by the content of your topic + posts, it's easy to tell that you know nothing about football, the CFL, and its quarterbacks at all.

Glenn played a great game, and so did Pickett. I saw players not getting their YAC yards, defences playing solid, and offensive lines collapsing like a house of cards.

I used to think Glenn was terrible when he was the first-stringer in Winnipeg...that is, until his last two years with the team when he started to become a Calvillo-type QB. What I saw tonight only reinforced that impression of mine. Hamilton is lucky to have him, Winnipeg is worse off without him.

If you don't like football then find something else to watch and other online forums to troll.


Hmmm… Chief, I thought you were ignored along with me… the thing is that teams are developing young QBs… it may be painful to watch now, but in 2 to 3 seasons, after these guys have matured, it will a very fun league to watch. The 3 teams that may have a problem with QBs down the road are the 2 to 3 teams that have the established QBs right now… who does Montreal have if Calvillo retires after this season? How about the Esks or Stamps? The other team that may have QB problems in the future are the Bombers… Bishop is clearly not the answer, they have to do what the Riders are doing now… we are seeing some dividends now with Durant. Add to that the Esks always seem to find a QB or two that can play in this league…

Ah Saint Buddy.
Read this from Chris Zelkovich of the Toronot Star, who is a CFL supporter.
This is a line right out of his article:
" It was a wild finish to a pretty dull game."
Agreed 100%.

What's this? Berezin actually agrees with someone in the Toronto media?!?!?! STOP THE PRESSES!!! :o

There's a shortage of QB's in the NFL as well. Name me 10 (current) NFL QB's that you'd build your team around. You can't. They don't exist. You'll get to about 5 or 6 and then you start to pick guys that are "maybes."

Not to take a major shot at NCAA Football, but most college programs are more concerned with winning games than with developing players. So now, not only are plays called in from the sidelines, but on a lot of teams the audibles are called in from the sidelines too. If college QB's don't have to learn to think, then why should we expect them to know how to do it in the pros?

I think if fans dont have patience to watch a new QB grow,we will never see any good one's in the CFL.If I recall correctly,Damen Allen and Anthony Calvillo's first two,three or four season's,were nothing to write home about either.When there are only 8 to 9 teams at any given time,and they have have one go to QB,it's hard to replace them once they are gone.(when AC retires with the Al's what happen's then?)We live in a "I want it now era",it doesnt work that way in sports,you have to suffer for a while to get what you want I think.I hope thats how it works,cause I've been suffering for 75% of the time over the last 19 years being a Bomber fan-lol

We'll be fine in Montreal. We have a young man named Adrian McPherson who will be a starter in this league.

I actually agree with this. A close game can be played by a couple of teams playing a bad game. Doesn't make it 'good'. Dropped passes, qb's switching off every series,...I'll adit it, I turned the channel a few times during this one.

When did this topic all of a sudden switch to the opinion that it was a dull game? When you found a tiny quote from a newspaper journalist?

I know it might be hard for you to recall, but your whole topic started as a rant on how boring the game was BECAUSE of the QBs in this league, how Glenn and Pickett were terrible, etc.

Clearly you don't know what you're talking about, even in your replies.

You can say it was a dull game if you'd like, but when you start blaming it on the 'ineptitude' of the QBs you're entering into fantasy-land, that's all.

That game was a bit dull until the final few minutes, but I put that down to ultra-conservative play calling...mostly safe passes underneath, which were not always carried through. While the defences played well, the offensive plan was not to lose the game...not win it.

The QB's were also uninspiring and often a bit off target.

Training a QB takes time especially in the CFL.

I didn't find the Argo-TiCat game boring at all. I found it pretty exciting, even though I am disappointed that the Ti-Cats lost in the end...

When NFL teams began carrying 4 QBs, the CFL really took a hit at that position. However, given the realities of the NFL (and a possible lockout looming in two years), I believe that many teams will begin carrying only 2 or at most 3 QB's. That means roughly 32-48 more questionable imports that will be available for CFL rosters. We need to begin producing our own here in Canada or with Canadians going to NCAA and then returning IMO.

at the beginning of the year, there was a lot of talk of how KJ was in the top 3 qbs in the league… but he seems to have fallen off. if he was back in the west, would he be better again?

I taped and watched some of the NFL today and I can safely say there are very few good QB's in the NFL at this time so it is not just a CFL issue. However, in the CFL, guys can develop into excellent QB's. As said earlier, most take 3 or 4 years to hit their stride (Calvillo and Burris come to mind). Guys who do like Rae and start almost out of the gate are rare. Same thing in the NFL. Why else would guys like Favre still keep being able to start, or players like Kitna still be able to back up? QB is a tough position and I would venture to say it is harder in the CFL than the NFL because the wide field lends itself to more scrambling and thinking on your feet. The NFL rewards system quarterbacks and (usually) rejects thinking QB's like Flutie.

Be patient. In three years we could have Jackson (BC), Rae (perhaps), Burris, Durant, Porter (three years of development) and Pickett (three years of development). Someone mentioned MacPherson for Montreal and all that leaves is Winnipeg and SURELY they can find someone in three years. We could be in position for some great play for a very long time.