We have the Best here in Vancouver.

When growing up in Edmonton I was taught to have respect for others and the importance of family values. I would take that over any ocean or golf course anyday. I must say it did me very well in my adult life. :wink:

quote="FeLion Fan"]The rest of the league, it's players and it's fan, have good reason to be jealous of us out here.
We have the best Stadium in the league, hands down the best! No next year wont. For a pure football game, Winnipegs will be.
We have the best looking uniforms and colors in the league. they are nice, but the blue n gold beats em all.
We have the best team in the West, and hopefully in the league.
And you have to admit, that they never ever get enough credit or mention, but we have the best and hottest cheer leaders in the league, with out question!
There is not one other team out there in the CFL, who even come close to our own cheer leaders, when it comes to the X factor. lol
We see things posted about Pepsi,an unknown anthem singer, the defunct old news Casino, etc.
But our own BC Lion cheer leaders and their dance co - ordinator, never get any applause, props, or recognition for being the BEST in the CFL.
Let's here it guys, for our Cheer Leaders!
They are definitely the BEST!
No other CFL team, even comes in a close second.
Ps. You've needed fake crowd noise for how many years now?

You are sick. The site should be about football not a hook for sex deprived maniacs!