We have the Best here in Vancouver.

The rest of the league, it's players and it's fan, have good reason to be jealous of us out here.
We have the best Stadium in the league, hands down the best!
We have the best looking uniforms and colors in the league.
We have the best team in the West, and hopefully in the league.
And you have to admit, that they never ever get enough credit or mention, but we have the best and hottest cheer leaders in the league, with out question!
There is not one other team out there in the CFL, who even come close to our own cheer leaders, when it comes to the X factor. lol
We see things posted about Pepsi,an unknown anthem singer, the defunct old news Casino, etc.
But our own BC Lion cheer leaders and their dance co - ordinator, never get any applause, props, or recognition for being the BEST in the CFL.
Let's here it guys, for our Cheer Leaders!
They are definitely the BEST!
No other CFL team, even comes in a close second.

yea true that, I would go on a date with every single one of them if possible lol. Very beautiful and very talented.

The Felions are awesome!

"You're the best around!"


Sorry your uni's dont campare to ours in the Hammer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to disagree, with you.
Black and yellow?
So over done and so boring.
BC has the best of everything!
Skiable mountains 15 minutes away, Ocean to fish or sail in right at our door step, year round golf courses, a beautiful clean city that is a "Riot" to live in, the best Canadian hockey team, hopefully soon to be the best Canadian football team, best covered stadium, the best and hottest looking cheer leaders, and the best looking uniforms as well.
Yup, we have the best of it all, in Vancouver.

cheerleaders are passe. only horny guys who dont get enough pay much attention to them.

its all about the game. cheerleaders dont matter

BC has the best of everything! Skiable mountains 15 minutes away, Ocean to fish or sail in right at our door step, year round golf courses, a beautiful clean city that is a "Riot" to live in, [b]the best Canadian hockey team[/b]
How do you have the best Canadian hockey team when Edmonton and Toronto both have better records?

Oh, and the Canucks are tied with Ottawa Sens at the moment as well.

Like I said everything except the uni's. Orange and black are great around Halloween :stuck_out_tongue:

And with that wishful argument, lets not forget, that the Lions were 1 - 6 in the first 2 months of this season.
The Canucks will once again, Win their division "again", but we all know, that Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa will be no where to be seen, come April.
The season is a long one.
Get back to me in June, and let's see how your teams are doing then? lol

I've always thought the BC Lions cheerleaders were the class of the league. I used to know a former member of the team 10 years ago and went to school with her. They're a class act and we're lucky to have the team we have in BC for sure!

Wow, we are on a Roll.
We happen to agree on Two things, so far! lol

you are an embarrassment to humanity

After reading this post even I can't stand Vancouver and I live here, can't imagine what others think about Vancouver who don't live here.

Did you ever stop to think that FYB might be a women? Your such a moron. If you look at the other forums on this site you will see that posts like yours are not tolerated.

yup. it was so much better here in the 60s

pretty sure felionfan wasnt around to spoil things then.

Get back to us when they win a cup. Edmonton who you just criticized has 5 of them and been in the league a lot less the the Canucks so overall the Oilers are way better then the Canucks and in my opinion will win another before the Canucks will. Oh and by the way the Eskimos have won more Grey cups then the Lions have. Before you go on blabing your garbage do some research first. :cowboy:

Canucks are gonna win this year, I've been wearin my jersey and was gonna retire it last year nad it seriously can only take another year before this thing gives me cancer or something.

I just like to remind people, in front of 10,000 people in Vancouver the Vancouver Millionaire's defeated the Ottawa Senators in 1915 at the Denman Arena, the 2nd or 1st artificial rink in Canada, the debatable one is Victoria if theirs was first or not. Same owner however.

The Lions are great, we're doin a lot better than drawing 15,000-20,000 in the late 90's. Things will grow, especially with Winnipegs new stadium, eventually Reginas, Ottawa's return and new stadium. The league is just about to hit another level.

Regardless of how many Cups, the Eskimos have Won or how many Cups the Oilers have won, that does not make Edmonton any less of the Arm Pit, than it is!
I happen to like the Oilers, so what is your argument?
Nugent - Hopkins, and Taylor Hall and Eberly and the other young guys, that they have, are the Nucleus of a New Dynasty.
The Eskimos, have a storied History, and have as much chance as the Lions do, in making it to the Grey Cup.
Once again what is your argument?
The fact is, whether the Lions win or lose, or whether the Can't Nucks ever get rid of Luongo and actually Win a Cup, the fact remains, Vancouver has the BEST of everything.
You and your comments, reflect and represent every thing that Edmonton stands for, and is thought as.
A Hick town with loyal Hick fans.
When was the last time that Edmonton Hosted the Olympics?
What year was that again?
So do tell us, what is the name of your World Class Ski Hill and Resort again?
Do tell us, how long is the Drive to the Ocean from your place, again?
How about this, how many of the weeks, out of the entire year, are your Golf courses actually cleared of Snow, long enough, in order to get at least 9 holes of Golf in, before the snow hits again?
Does Edmonton, even have Cheer Leaders yet?
Yes......as much as it hurts the rest of Canada, Vancouver is the BEST and we have the BEST, of Everything!
Jealousy, is such a bitter pill to swallow, isn't it?
When was the last time that the Oilers ever Won a Cup?
When was the last time, that the Eskimos, have Won a Cup?
Who's QB is it again, that is going to WIN the MVP of the League?
Which Canadian NHL team, had the most recent MVP on it again?
Which NHL Team, had the Scoring NHL Leader on it again, Last YEAR?
Oh thats right, it was who again?
Do your Research Ladies.

but apparently, we also have you, which evens things out for the rest of the country. You should live in Toronto. I think you would feel right at home there.

The Oilers haven't been relevant for 30 years or so. The only reason they're decent now is because they finished 30th in the NHL the last two seasons. It's hard not to be good when you stockpile #1 draft picks. It would suck to live in Edmonton.