We have the best backup?!?

According to the tsn poll for the game tonight Nealon Greene is apparently the best backup QB in the league. Since when is Nealon the best anything? How bad are the other backups really that he is the best

Well, considering that "Option E" on the poll was the biggest joke (aside from Nealon) to be including in the poll (Spergon Wynn?!?), I'm very suspect of the credability of this fan poll. :roll:

I voted three times. Once for Spurgon Wynn and twice for Matt Dunigan :o

I'm baffled too. I'd have voted for either Buck Pierce or Danny McManus. How Greene gets on that list when he does nothing but hand the ball off in short-yardage gambles is beyond me. And when he has seen action this year, he hasn't exactly been stellar.

No he hasnt been stellar, i still remember that fumble in the first game(Ted White flashback!!) and of course, that int last week. Even in pre-season he was more than average, IMO Brady did much better.

Totally agree,
Brady should be the back-up

Buck Pierce without a doubt for me although I would now count Rocky Butler as a close second. Danny Mac may still have the touch but it's hard to tell with his almost non-existant playing time in Calgary...

I've never been a big fan of Nealon Greene. Don Matthews, unfortunately, is. Marcus Brady still has a lot of maturing to do but his talent exceeds Greene by far (IMHO).